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| On 5 years ago

Razer’s Project Valerie: Widen Your Mobile Gaming Horizons With A Triple-Display Laptop

Gaming on the move has come a long way ever since Razer launched its first mobile gaming laptop (The Blade) back in 2011. This 2017, Razer drops the bomb on the tech and gaming industry with the world’s first triple-display gaming laptop, codenamed “Project Valerie”.

Three 17-inch display monitors are built into a compact chassis that is only 1.5 inches thick, fitting straight into your laptop bag. The best part? It only weighs around 5kg, perfect for gaming on the go.

Project Valerie is basically the Razer-blade Pro on steroids. Powered by the NVIDIA GE Force GTX 1080 GPU, expect a gaming experience like no other.

With triple the displays, you can now multi-task like never before. Deploying the triple-screen-display is a piece of cake with the automated deployment system that utilises highly durable aluminium hinges. Just make sure to deploy your laptop in a big enough space.

Now imagine playing Titan Fall 2 on Project Valerie – a totally immersive gaming experience that would make you feel like you’ve just been transported onto the battlefield. It’s unclear how much Project Valerie will cost, but experts estimate it to be upwards of about USD$4,000 (around S$5600).

Project Valerie looks promising with the only potential issue being the battery life. After all, it’s going to take quite a bit of power to run 4K displays.

I’ve never known anything to stop avid gamers though, so keep watch on the website to get your hands on one!

Price: Estimated upwards of S$5600

Razer’s Project Valerie: Website | Project Valerie

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