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10 Cheap DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Pinterest Wedding Come True

Now that you’re done booking your wedding venue and have read my previous guide about getting married in Singapore, the next thing would be to spruce it up with props and decorations that emulate your personality as a couple.

If you’ve got a spare budget and you’re willing to spend more than S$2,000 for a wedding stylist, congratulations! But if you’re more of a DIY bride and take pleasure in personalising things, here are some really cheap decor ideas that you could get around to do without depleting your bank account.

Round up your fiancé or rope in some girl power from your entourage to start on your fun DIY wedding decor project.

1. Paper & Tulle Pom Poms

Paper pom-poms are fast to make, so you can churn out a bunch of them in one sitting while watching your favourite TV program. For a softer, dreamier look, you could trade in the paper for tulle.

I bought crepe paper for $0.80 a packet, cut it into the desired sizes and layered about five pieces (depending on how puffy you want them to look), and began alternating my folding like how we used to make paper fans as kids. Then, string it in half and begin unfolding the ruffles.

Psst, once you’re done creating the pom-poms in various sizes, gather them in a bunch and line them against a wall to create a simple photo booth backdrop.

2. Glitter Candles

I bought a bottle of KULÖRT glitter ($1.90) and HEMSJÖ unscented candles ($2.90 for a packet of four) from IKEA, that’s a pretty good steal. Otherwise, head down to Art Friend, Spotlight, or your nearest stationery / craft store and you’ll find glitter in various colours.

Layer glue at the bottom portion around the candles. Then, using a bowl and spoon, scoop up the glitter and cover the candle in whichever way you like. Make it even fancier by creating a monogram of your initials — and there you have it, your very own personalised candles.

3. Photo Booth Props

I’ve seen people renting the props at astounding prices, and swore never to follow in their footsteps if I were to have a photo booth on my wedding day.

To make your own props, buy a packet of large ice cream sticks ($2.90) from SKP, get card stocks from Popular Bookstore in the colours of your preference. Use a marker pen to write out “I’m His”, or quirky phrases like “I Came For The Booze”, “When Is My Turn?”, etc. Otherwise, lean on your trusty printer to get these words out.

4. Photo Frame Signage

Photo frame signage is a trend catching on like wildfire and they range from minimalistic to Victorian-inspired frames that have a quote or the names of the couple written on the clear glass / plastic panel of the frame. Using a photo frame to showcase your blown up wedding photo is from your mother’s era, so please don’t do that.

The FISKBO frame ($4.90) from IKEA is just the right size to lean against the wall on top of a table, or to place on an art easel at the entrance to your venue. Get creative with the hand-lettering and surround the boarder with motifs.

5. Paper Doily Bunting

Gone are the days when paper doilies were only used in the kitchen or on dining tables. These days, creative brides are incorporating them into their wedding decor by dangling them in mid air from the ceiling, or making them into bunting to hang from one end of the room to the other.

All you need are two packets of paper doilies in different sizes 7cm ($5.70) and 4cm ($4.20) (I bought mine from SKP). Then, grab a ball of twine, fold each sheet into half and line them on the string in alternate sizes. Voila, vintage decor done cheap!

6. Lace Backdrop

There are tonnes of backdrops that you could create, but this shimmering, lace-y one stole my heart. There are two ways to doing this; re-purpose your old clothes and fabrics, or buy them in rolls.

Hop down to Spotlight or an old school shop that sells all your sewing needs — the best part is they don’t even have to match. The wider the variations in pattern, the better it is.

Get a curtain pole ($2) from Daiso – I loved that it came in options of white, wood patterned, or dark brown, so you can choose according to your decor theme. Or simply use any long string, then knot it at the top. Add a few strings of glitter ribbons and you’ll get a romantic, flowy backdrop for when you recite your vows. *Insert heart-eyed emoji…aww*

7. Dessert Table Signage

You don’t have to splurge to be fancy, the TOLSBY Frame ($0.90) from IKEA can be used as a little signage at your dessert table or buffet line, enticing guests to nibble while merry-making.

Get a couple of photo frames, remove the paper that comes with it, and spray the frames in the colours of your preference. Then, place the plastic panel back into the frame and write your messages on it with a gold or white marker pen.

8. Ang Bao Box (Greenhouse)

Turn a greenhouse into an ang bao box and double it as a “guest book” of sorts, where guests can drop their heartfelt wishes for the newly weds.

The SOCKER Greenhouse ($19.90) from IKEA is of a good size to hold all the red packets, and will perfectly complement a garden-themed decor. Use a white marker pen and start doodling both your names in fancy hand letterings.

When the wedding is over, you could use it to start growing a mini garden in your new home. Your very first project together as Mr and Mrs!

9. Table Top Centrepiece

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to put this together. In under 10 minutes, you could fully decorate two long tables, and don’t they just look brilliant?

Get a meter of tulle and place it down the middle of the table, as a runner. Remember those paper pom-poms and glitter candles we made earlier? Use them as a centrepiece to dress your table. How easy can this get?

10. Wooden Pallet Signage

Your best bet at snagging a wooden pallet would be by heading down to a factory. Find the least damaged or dirty one and bring it home. There you have it, a signage for free.

Use white paint or chalk to write the run-down of the wedding day, or perhaps a love quote that’s close to both your hearts. Even simpler, just drape fairy lights over and hang your photos on it.

You could place this at the entrance to your wedding hall, or add it as a prop to your photo booth. It makes for a great addition to a rustic-chic wedding theme.

Be on your way to claiming the title of a Pinterest Bride, where nothing makes you happier than to know that your guests are enjoying the wedding celebrations as much as you are. Hands down, they’ll be gleaming and squealing at every photo opportunity they get in every corner of your wedding venue.

Do share with us your DIY wedding decor experiences; you deserve a pat on your back for saving money and making your venue oh-so-pretty.

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