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Prisma App: Transform Your Photos Into Styles Of Famous Artworks

Who will ever get bored of photo-editing apps? They’ve saved many unglam pictures and worked wonders for spicing up an #ootd photo.

With Prisma, you can take photo alteration to a new level and transform your images into the styles of famous artworks, including Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Piet Mondrian’s geometric artworks and many more.

Best of all, the app provides all of its amazing services free of charge – no advertisements and absolutely no need to purchase additional features.

It’s extremely easy to use: select an image and the style you want and Prisma will take a few moments to process it. Next, you can adjust how intense you’d like the art style to be, then, voila! Your photograph has been transformed into an epic piece of art.

Original image

To give you an idea, we’ll use the image above to show you some of the magic you can play with using Prisma.

Prisma even cuts the pictures into a square; don’t they look ready to rock on your Instagram feed?

Download Prisma from Google Play or the App Store to start jazzing up your photos today!

Prisma: Android, iOS | Website

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