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10 Pretty Photo Spots In Jewel Changi Airport To Check Out For The ‘Gram

By now, you would have seen pictures of Jewel Changi Airport‘s iconic HSBC Rain Voltex appearing on your social media feed and we had the opportunity to run around to check out more pretty spots within the mall’s grandeur premises.

To help you up your Instagram game on the day of the official launch on 17 April 2019, here are 10 places in Jewel Changi Airport to check out for the ‘gram that you may miss out if you walk past them too quickly.

1. Starbucks Flagship Store (2nd Floor)

Tuck away from the crowd is a private little oasis in Starbucks Flagship Store to lounge at. The wall separating the first half of the lounge and the back portion gives you an illusion of a split-screen.

2. Link Bridge To T3

If you’re making your way to Changi Airport T3, the link bridge from Jewel Changi Airport makes for a quick photo op. Stand in the middle so that the reflections on the floor creates a full circle, though we may have blocked the entrance for a few seconds trying to get a shot. Oops, anything for the ‘grams.

3. Hanging Flower Spheres

Located just before the link bridge to T3, the walkway is adorned with huge flowers balls consisting of orchids in various colours and other flowers that hang elegantly along the sides. Great for a dreamy photo of you drifting away in deep thoughts.

4. HSBC Rain Voltex

The HSBC Rain Voltex is the highlight of Jewel Changi Airport and rightly so. It is the largest indoor waterfall and surrounded by a wide variety of plants, making it ethereal and captivating. Pretty sure this would be the first thing appearing on your Instagram.

5. Bamboo Forest (Beside D’Good Cafe)

Be transported to Japan at the mini Bamboo Forest, located beside D’Good Cafe on level one of Jewel Changi Airport. The pebbled ground, stone pavements and towering bamboo complete the zen vibes.

Just like the bamboo forest in Kyoto, expect to wait for a while to get a shot without the crowd passing through.

6. Vertical Garden (Entrance Of Shiseido Forest Valley)

The verticle garden that flanks the entrance of the Shiseido Forest Valley is a spot that is unmissable. I love how the plants meet the oculus at the background, it’s like a scene out of a sci-fi movie.

7. Hanging Fern & Tree

Yet another sci-fi spot, the hanging fern and tree look a tad like a scene from Avatar, no? The space breaks away from the main area of level two and offers a break from the bustle.

8. Foggy Bowl

The mist emitting from the ground, plus the green faux grass and pouffe makes it look like you’re having a fun time out in another country while enjoying the cool autumn air. Essentially, the Foggy Bowl is created for kids, and you’ll have them happily frolicking in the background of the photo. Cute!

9. Changi Experience Studio

The Changi Experience Studio wasn’t open to the public yet at the time of our visit, but the screens with vibrant imagery from afar caught our attention.

Almost like the Future World exhibition in the ArtScience Museum, the screens were immersive and it showcased what Changi Airport has to offer.

10. Manulife Sky Nets

If you are an adrenaline junkie and aren’t afraid of heights, the Manulife Sky Nets takes you to the very top of Jewel Changi Airport. Show off your adventures by taking a picture of you bouncing eight meters above the Canopy Park.

Jewel Changi Airport is truly the latest pride of Singapore. Not only are there shops, restaurants and facilities that cater to travellers and everyone visiting, but every corner of the mall are also carefully designed to incorporate art, greeneries, and fun.

I’m pretty sure there are more hidden Instagrammable spots waiting to be discovered, be sure to share it with us if you find one!

Jewel Changi Airport: 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666| Tel: +65 6956 9898| Website| Facebook| Instagram

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