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Jewel Changi Airport: 18 Must-Visit Attractions, Shopping & Entertainment Spots

The highly-anticipated Jewel Changi Airport has finally opened its doors to the public and we got a glimpse of it on a media preview on 11 April 2019.

With more than 280 retail and restaurants available, a myriad of attractions and world-class facilities, I’m sure nobody can resist coming to this gem (no pun intended), which will officially open on 17 April 2019. Here are 18 must-visit spots that are interesting in Jewel.

—Shiseido Forest Valley—

Plants, shrubs, trees, waterfalls! The Shiseido Forest Valley is a four-storey landscape garden housing one of the largest indoor collection of plants in Singapore. This gorgeous landscape differentiates Jewel from other airport malls, as it provides an immersive garden experience like no other, allowing visitors to shop and dine amidst a rainforest-like environment.

1. HSBC Rain Vortex

The most defining feature in Jewel would be the HSBC Rain Vortex, an indoor waterfall that spans 40 metres high, with water cascading through an oculus in the roof of the building. At night, it transforms into a magnificent beacon of light, with soothing music accompanying it. This is definitely the defining attraction of Jewel not to be missed.

2. New Skytrain Track

There’s a new Skytrain track that cuts across the Shiseido Forest Valley, allowing passengers to get a picturesque view while transiting between terminals. It was really a beautiful view of the Skytrain against the HSBC Rain Vortex in the background. Simply breathtaking.

— Canopy Park—

The Canopy Park is located at the fifth level of Jewel Changi Airport with interactive attractions catered to visitors of all ages, from mazes to slides, there’s something fun for everyone.

3. Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze consists of shrubs that are 1.8m in heights, and passageways for visitors to have fun navigating around in. That’s not all, you can even stand on a structure to get a bird’s-eye view and help the “blind mice” out of the maze.

4. Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze is designed to trap you with illusions created by mirror reflections. Switch on your sixth sense as you try to outsmart the visual facades of this attraction.

5. Skynet

If you are a thrill seeker, then maybe the Skynet is for you. You get to be suspended more than five stories in the air. Well, the best part is the view it offers.

6. Discovery Slides

This slide has a unique structure combined with a shiny reflective outlook that reminds me of an artwork in a museum. For those who are less adventurous, you can opt to climb onto the elevated platform to catch a better glimpse of the entire Jewel Changi Airport.

7. Topiaries Walk

Topiaries Walk lets visitors experience the thrill of walking through a garden filled with exciting wildlife. With life-sized animal figurines donned by the sidewalks, this unique experience jolts memories of the Mandai Zoo experience.

8. Petal Garden

Our reputation as the Garden City is reflected in the Petal Garden, which features a myriad of gorgeous flowers. Take a relaxing walk through this vibrant area and feel your woes melt away.

9. Foggy Bowls

I’m sure Foggy Bowls will be a hit among children. The little ones will definitely be intrigued by the mist emitted by the holes in the ground.

It will be a sight watching these innocent children jump around while trying to have a feel of the mist.

—Shopping & Entertainment—

10. Pokemon Centre Singapore 

Aren’t we honoured to be the destination of the only Pokemon Center that’s outside of Japan. Brimmed with countless Pokemon plushies and merchandise, Pokemon Centre Singapore is a paradise for fans.

Oh, and I discovered there that the mascots at each outlet is different. For Singapore’s outlet, it features the adorable Pikachu and Lapras.

Did I mention about the limited edition Pikachu plushy dressed in cabin crew attire that’s exclusively available at Pokemon Centre Singapore? With this, we finally have something to boast about to our Japanese friends.

11. Starbucks Flagship Outlet

Here’s another reason to declare Changi Airport as the best airport in the world. Jewel Changi Airport is home to Starbucks Flagship Outlet, a two storey powerhouse with a gorgeous outlook to match its impressive reputation.

Dressed in a harmonious combination of wood and vegetation, Starbucks Jewel definitely resonates the garden vibe of Jewel Changi Airport.

12. Shaw Jewel Changi

How many countries out there can boast that they have a cinema located in their airports? Well, not many but Jewel Changi Airport can proudly proclaim itself as one of them. Now you can catch a movie in between transits when you have too much time on hand.

13. YOTELAIR Changi

Don’t we all dread flights with overnight transits? It’s just so frustrating and inconvenient not being able to rest comfortably. All your worries are answered with the YOTELAIR Changi, which allows passengers to book rooms for a minimum of four hours.

Not only that, YOTELAIR Changi even allows you to gym and shower during your short stay. With amazing and convenient facilities, say goodbye to flight transit woes.

14. Sport Apparels

Hypebeasts and Hypebaes, don’t worry. Jewel Changi Airport has got you covered with the sporting brands everybody loves.

Nike takes up a massive two-story space, so you can grab a whole new getup while waiting for your flight.

And how can we forget the powerhouse adidas?

Puma makes an appearance here too. Psst, don’t forget to check out the new Puma x Barbie shoes while when it is released in Singapore.

And, of course, a FILA outlet in Jewel Changi Airport to cop your favourite pair of white sneakers.


15. Shake Shack

Need I say more? The highly acclaimed American fast food joint has finally reached our shores. Shake Shack’s irresistible and highly raved burgers are gonna hog the spotlight of the fast food scene for quite a while in Singapore. Though, expect to see long snaking queues for the first few months of its opening. Definitely, give their juicy burgers a try and see if they live up to expectations.


With a world-class airport like Jewel Changi Airport, it services have to match up to its standard too, and I’m glad to it has come up with new systems and facilities to enhance the experience of travellers.

16. Baggage Storage

Don’t we all hate shopping with our belongings? The baggage storage service allows passengers to safely store their belongings at the counter, lightening their load while they explore Jewel Changi Airport’s premises.

17. Early Check-In

With the early check-in service, passengers can check in their baggage up to 24 hours before their flight and proceed to enjoy what Jewel Changi Airport has to offer.

18. Changi Lounge

To promote Singapore as a regional cruise centre, Changi Lounge provides passengers who are transiting to cruise or ferry services a resting area.

With the world-class entertainment options and services available at Jewel Changi Airport, I’m absolutely positive everybody is going to fall in love with this place. In fact, you don’t even need to be flying off to visit Jewel Changi Airport. Here, you can dine, shop and play all at once, what’s not to love?

Jewel Changi Airport: 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666| Tel: +65 6956 9898| Website| Facebook| Instagram

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