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| On 4 years ago

Popsical: Pocket-Sized Karaoke System Lets You Belt Out To Tunes On The Go – Back It On Kickstarter Singapore

Do you spend your weekends in karaoke lounges? Those who enjoying singing their hearts out will be overjoyed to learn of Popsical, a portable karaoke device small enough to carry around in the palm of your hand.

This means that the Popsical can be conveniently brought anywhere, as long as there’s a television and a mobile device for anyone to start belting out tunes.

Popsical can connect to more than one mobile device simultaneously via WiFi, which means that you and your buddies can add songs to the queue as you please without jostling to take turns. Sure beats waiting for the remote at a karaoke lounge!

All that’s needed is a quick download of an app from either Google Play or the App Store and your phone’s songs will be ready to hit the television screen.

Back this project on Kickstarter now to experience Popsical by this April 2017.

Back by: 23 February 2017

Backing tiers: ranges from $199 to $1490

Popsical | Website | Kickstarter

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