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| On 1 year ago

Pangdemonium Presents Chinglish — Available on Vimeo on 15 May 2020

Receiving this news brightens my mood for the entire day. After viewing their archival recordings of FALLING, LATE COMPANY, and DRAGONFLIES, Pangdemonium is sharing with everyone CHINGLISH next.

Credit – Pangdemonium

Unlike their previous productions, which focuses on heavier themes like parenting, cyberbullying, and xenophobia, CHINGLISH, while being a theme-driven play, is filled with comedic elements. A warning has been given; please refrain from consuming your meals while viewing because the show promises you endless laughter that it will almost be impossible to eat in peace.

Credit – Pangdemonium

The production highlights the clashes in culture between the East and West and a regrettably sour political relationship between the US and China. Though displaying the stark disparity between the two, both shared underlying similarities in needs, desires, and ambitions.

Credit – Pangdemonium

Written by award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang and presented by the talented cast of Pangdemonium, this show was first performed in 2015 and the tickets for a three-week run production were sold out even before the show started. Indeed, we are privileged brunch who can enjoy the same for free in the comfort and safety of our homes.

Just like before, sit back, and prepare for a good show. I am so excited and so sure that Pangdemonium is going to blow our mind with their witty and engaging cast. The post-show is going to leave us with so much more to discuss—about the cast, plot, and theme.

Similar to the previous production, CHINGLISH is going to be streamed in Vimeo, along with its caption, from 15 May 2020, 8 pm, to 21 May 2020. For n0w, we can enjoy the trailer on YouTube to whip our appetite.

Also, if your circumstances permit and you would love to show some appreciation for the team, please consider making a love offering to Pangdemonium during this challenging time.

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