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Changi T4 Closes Temporarily on 16 May; SkyTrain To Operate Less Frequently

First T2 and now T4, just the thought of attempting to think how hard a hit the aviation sector is taking now because of COVID-19 makes me anxious. Starting onĀ 16 May 2020, Changi Airport Terminal 4 will cease operation temporarily and will reopen again when the demand for air-travel picks up.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) said that terminal operations will be consolidated in an effort to optimise resources. This consolidation will allow the CAG and its partners to save on running costs such as utilities and cleaning. Airlines, previously operating out of T4, will now operate out of T1 or T3 instead.

With two terminal closures, SkyTrain services across terminals have significantly been reduced as well. The MRT link bridge between T3 and T2 can still be utilised by staff and visitors. The link bridges towards Jewel are still in operation as well. Additionally, taxi stands at T1 and T3 will merge, with one taxi stand serving each terminal.

Essential services and F&B outlets in the two operational terminals will continue to run to serve the public and staff. F&B outlets will continue to allow only takeaways during this circuit breaker period.

Do you think air-travel will ever evolve to be considered safe? Considering that the air in a plane is recycled, it would be hard to prevent the spread of a virus in such an enclosed space. Perhaps future technologies will be able to invent something to make air travel safe during a pandemic.

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