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| On 1 year ago

10 Best Online Sources To Find Nostalgic Content For The Sentimental Singaporean

The 90s; it was a good time while it lasted.

Local Singaporean shows we all loved, like Under One Roof, Mcdonalds and their iconic (and no longer existent) chicken McCrispy, plus our favourite past time – singing emo love songs to random boy band posters on our wall; sound familiar?

If you’re feeling reminiscent, nostalgic and you’re a millennial wanting to binge watch all the Blues Clues episodes, here are 10 best online sites where you can find old-school content.

1. Singapore Commercials

This Youtube channel has every other Singaporean commercial listed; even some from before the 90s era!

One of which I remember distinctly is the Koko Krunch commercial:

You’ll definitely be entertained browsing through the endless playlist of local throwbacks.

Singapore Commercials: Youtube Channel

2. Remember Singapore

Back to our Singaporean roots with the 90s. This gem of a website lets you browse through so many themes from our past; not limited to the 90s! Relive your heritage, old memories and look back at what we remember from when we were children.

It’s not just commercials and cartoons that change, our surroundings do too! It’ll do us good to look back on what we had.

Remember Singapore | Website

3. 8th Man Dvd

90s cartoons, enough said.

We’re talking Popeye, Looney Tunes and Woody Woodpecker. (insert Woody’s laugh here)

This channel has all the old school cartoons we used to watch as kids. Go back in time and bond over a carrot with Bugs Bunny or fawn over a black and white version of Betty Boop.

P.S: There’s even the old Captain America comic version on here.

8th Man Dvd: Youtube Channel

4. The Land Before Time

If you wanted another way to experience dinosaurs and avoid another museum, just click on the link and binge watch from the comfort of your own bed.

Yes, I encourage laziness, but also a stipulation of the mind.

The Land Before Time: Youtube Channel

5. Born in the 90s, Raised in the 2000s

One of my favourite Facebook pages to endlessly scroll through, it’s the kind you go “O m g relate,” and spam your timeline with shares. It’s a free-for-all to join and definitely caters more to a person’s nostalgia.

Most community members share memes from their own 90s culture from their own childhood, not just limited to our Singaporean lives. It’s quite interesting to see the similarities and differences between their lives and ours.

Plus, we get to guess who started the trend first. Not that hard of a guessing game, to be honest.

Born in the 90s, Raised in the 2000s: Youtube Channel

6. Trailblazer91

Does anyone remember ‘Price is Right’? I can hear the theme song for Bob Barker’s entrance playing in my head now.

Watching this entire series during my childhood just made me want to play Plinko and win A BRAND NEW CAR.

How can you not say those last few words with enthusiasm? Come on.

Trailblazer91: Youtube Channel

7. The Nostalgic 90s

Scrolling through ‘The Nostalgic 90s’, you’ll be hit by the sudden rush of reminiscence. Comment threads discussing old video games (specifically the GameBoy), more memes and old cartoons turned into memes.

Occasionally, you’ll be greeted by a tech gadget from way back then. No, the 90s did not just have floppy disks. There were cassette tapes. Remember those? Cass..ette, oh never mind.

The Nostalgic 90s | The Nostalgic 90s

8. 90s Kids Only

Scrolling through this page is like going through the time-warp in Avengers; you won’t know where you’ll end up.

Look forward to a combination of memes, video snippets from old cartoons and maybe even familiar SEGA video games.

90’s Kids Only: 90s Kids Only

9. 80s Commercial Vault

As much as we relate to Singaporean commercials playing on Channel 5 from when we were kids, Western ones played a huge part in our lives while we were growing up too.

If I remember distinctly, there was a channel dedicated specifically to overseas adverts on household items. I was always so tempted to call the number on the screen and get the new steam vacuum cleaner I didn’t need.

80s Commercial Vault: Youtube Channel

10. irememberSG

We’re bringing it back full circle to the olden days in Singapore.

iremember SG was created alongside the Singapore Memory Project (started in 2011). Basically, it was set up for other individuals like ourselves who’ve had many a throwback memory of Singapore.

There are interviews with various people from different times, professions and backgrounds. The ‘Past Forward’ tab on their website also allows visitors to navigate the nostalgia “timeline” a lot better.

If you’re more of a silent reminiscing sort off individual, scrolling through their Pinterest page would probably make you go “I remember that!”

IRememberSG: IRememberSG | Pinterest

It’s funny how we always want change. New cartoons, new fashion trends. Just, new. Regardless, I hope you had a good holiday reading this list of websites with 90s content!

Why holiday? Just because you time-travelled back to the 90s with this article.

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