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| On 1 year ago

Motogame Is The Latest Addition To Instagram’s Secret Filter Games (+How To Unlock)

Back in May, I tried out Instagram’s Flying Face game. For those who don’t remember, I failed. Miserably. I came across a new game that does look easier, so hopefully, I can redeem myself. Created by Instagram user @sangexd, this filter-game is called Motogame.

This secret filter game is pretty straightforward- just steer the bike by tilting your head, and avoid the other cars and obstacles on the road.

How To Download The Motogame Filter:

Similar to IG’s Flying Face filter game, you will need to manually download motogame. All you have to do is follow its creator, IG user @sangexd. Once you do, the game will appear in your face filter collection.

Basically, you just have to tilt your head to the left or to the right to avoid crashing your character’s bike into obstacles on the road. The more distance you cover and the more obstacles you avoid, the faster your character’s bike will go.

Trying Out Motogame + Money Challenge

I crashed my bike several times till I got the hang of it. The bike is pretty sensitive to movement so the slightest tilt in your head will move the bike a considerable amount.

I’m so glad that I am much better at this game, compared to the Flying Face one which just frustrated the hell outta me. Motogame is fun, plus, I don’t need to keep on blinking till my eyes are tired.

I then saw one of @sangexd‘s IG highlights, titled “#moneychallenge“.

Instead of using their heads to steer the bike, people played Motogame using the faces printed on money to control the bike. I tried it out and this works too.

Obviously, it takes less effort to move your hand then your head. Either way, this Instagram game was pretty fun! Also, I did way better compared to my Flying Face score of one so YAY ME.

Motogame: Follow To Download

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