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You Can Play With A Louis Vuitton ‘Jenga’ Set – But It Costs S$3384

Louis Vuitton is set to drop yet another innovative designer product- a reimagined, and very atas Jenga set.

Louis Vuitton’s Jenga Set

Credit- Louis Vuitton

This Louis Vuitton ‘Jenga’ set looks like something Kim Kardashian would buy for her children. Well, it’s technically not officially in collaboration with Hasbro’s Jenga brand, but you get the idea.

Instead of wood, each Jenga game piece is made out of plexiglass, and is adorned with a metallic LV monogram. The 54 cubes come in a chic, clear acrylic case, with a leather handle.

Louis Vuitton’s Jenga set looks so pretty that even if I did manage to purchase it, I wouldn’t even dare to touch it. The price has not been set in stone yet but rumours are that the luxury LV Jenga set will cost around US$2500 (approximately S$3384). So if you think about it, one Jenga piece from this luxury game costs around S$62. Meanwhile, a typical Jenga set from Toys “R” Us will cost you S$27.99 (S$0.50 per piece).

Credit- Louis Vuitton

I am a fan of Louis Vuitton. Their latest collections are so beautiful and since I can’t afford any of their stuff, I’m content with just looking at their designer goods. But a Louis Vuitton Jenga set? HEH?

This reimagined LV Jenga set does not yet have a confirmed release date so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Visit their website to check out the availability of Louis Vuitton’s Jenga set.

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