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| On 2 years ago

New Grab Updates: Cheaper GrabShare + Consolidate Bills With Grab PayLater

Grab is always doing its best to cater to consumer’s needs. The upcoming July 2019 update sees two new improvements, namely a cheaper GrabShare service and Grab PayLater.

Cheaper GrabShare Rides 8 July Onwards

Credit- Grab

GrabShare passengers can also look forward to cheaper fares if you don’t mind waiting up to five minutes for a pooling match. Passengers will now also be shown an estimated arrival time that they will reach their dropoff before booking their ride (it used to be viewable only after you’re aboard).

Credit – Grab

There are two new options under GrabShare.

Find a ride now: matches you to another passenger headed the same direction instantly – this is the current system.

Look for other passengers: requires passengers to wait up to five minutes before they get a GrabShare match with another passenger. In return for the five minutes waiting time, passengers will enjoy lower GrabShare fares compared to the earlier option. This new option matches passengers before their trip starts so that the rides can be fulfilled within a stated time and to minimize detours for an efficient and cheaper ride.

Listed below are the dates when the new GrabShare experience will be available.

Credit- Grab

The new GrabShare service will start rolling out in different parts of Singapore on various dates and will be fully available island-wide from 18 July 2019.

Pay For Grab Services End Of The Month With PayLater

PayLater is Grab’s latest service, whereby your purchases will be consolidated into one bill at the end of every month. With this, you no longer need to make multiple payments throughout the month, making this an easier and less time-consuming transaction!

Here’s how to activate Grab PayLater:

Credit – Grab

Open your Grab app, and click on the “Payment” tab, and click “Try it now”.

Click on “Activate PayLater” and you will receive your spend quota. You will receive a pre-approved PayLater quota.

Credit – Grab

To view more details of your PayLater transactions, just click on the newly added PayLater widget located on the GrabPay homepage. And that’s it! The next time you book a ride or order food, just select PayLater as your payment option. Your bill will be issued out at the end of the month. Just settle it within 7 days, using your GrabPay balance.

Perks of PayLater

Credit- Grab

Clearly, PayLater is going to make your life easier. You can even enjoy a one-time rebate on your first PayLater repayment!

Credit- Grab

Grab: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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