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| On 2 years ago

On Sharks & Humanity (Till 26 June ’17): Free Art Exhibition At Parkview Museum Aims To Save The Most Hunted Marine Animal

“Fish are friends, not food,” the sharks in Finding Nemo recited dutifully – not that the same courtesy is extended back to them in real life. On Sharks & Humanity is a free exhibition highlighting the connection between humans and one of the most hunted marine animals in the world.

From now till 26 June 2017, you can drop by Parkview Museum from 11am to 7pm daily to take a look at the artwork that aims to shed light on the industry that kills sharks for their fins.

Most of the exhibits are centered around helping people realise the lack of humanity in the shark-hunting trade, which include a wide range of art from sculptures to photos, drawings and more, all from artists of different nationalities.

This world-touring exhibition has invited three local artists to contribute to this particular stop in our Lion City: David Chan, Zhao Renhui and Royston Tan. It’s time to take a break from your busy schedule to appreciate works by our Singaporean artists in person while the exhibition is still here!

Out of all the artworks, this one had the most glaring effect (do you see what I did there?). Although it seems simple at first glance, the impression it leaves is pretty long-lasting. A perfect opening piece for when you start your viewing journey.

You’ll find lots of beautiful pictures, done in realism or abstract styles, but my favourites are the sculptures. Everything here, from the material they’re made of to the ways they are put on display, is thought-provoking and arresting. Even more so when you take the time to appreciate them in real life rather than in photographs.

For instance, take this painting by Wu Mingzhong which appears to just depict a shark at first glance. There’s a little more to it than you might see here but to find out what details you’re missing, you’ll have to be very observant while you’re there.

If, by chance, you do happen to find out what I’m referring to, just know that the “oh, I didn’t notice that at first” feeling is twice as euphoric when you’re at the exhibition and in the mood, getting to examine each eccentric piece.

Nobody likes spoilers but how would you know if this is worth your time if you don’t get a sampler platter right? Here’re some close-ups as teasers to whet your appetite. Don’t worry, we’re not going to give away the important bits!

This sculpture is made from fishing hooks with the pointed edges placed inwards. What could artist Zheng Lu want to represent with these hooks, such that its insides are sharp, harmful and merciless?

A couple of kids move in a carefree manner, unaware of complexities you’ll get to see before they do. This piece by artist Zou Liang will certainly get you thinking.

Mechanical parts were specifically chosen for this sculpture, but as to what they mean and what they form, you’ll find out eventually. Artist Xia Hang wrote a poem to accompany it too, so you can expect a lot of deep meanings here.

If you’re curious and dying to know the stories behind these pieces, do go on down to Parkview Museum and experience it first-hand.

The souvenir room is bathed in blue light, giving off that “under the sea” vibe.

You won’t be leaving empty handed with these free souvenir bags which you can grab on your way out, containing some goodies for you to remember the exhibition by, including a t-shirt!

The whimsical approach in many of the works here makes an impact and will stay in your mind long after the visit. If you like exhibitions with lasting meaning, On Sharks & Humanity might just be the one to go for next.

Dates & Times: Now till 26 June 2017, 10am – 7pm (Daily)

Price: Admission is FREE

On Sharks & Humanity Exhibition: Parkview Museum, 600 North Bridge Road, Parkview Square, Bugis, Singapore 188778 | Email | Website

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