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8 Locations In NUS To ‘Werk’ That Perfect Campus OOTD

After a long (and hopefully fulfilling) summer break, the back-to-school syndrome is real as a new semester looms closer. Among the 1001 issues that university kids face, contemplating what to wear each day may easily top the list for some.

However, for others, this “problem” can even be taken a step further as they come face-to-face with another challenge — where to take that mandatory campus outfit of the day (OOTD). I mean, you DID make an effort to dress up after all.

I obviously can’t help with your outfit choices but let me relieve some of the burden by introducing these eight locations in the National University of Singapore (NUS) where you can werk that perfect campus OOTD.

1. Book Shelves @ Central Library

Yes, the library is for studying but everyone deserves a break (or an OOTD) after long hours spent among the warm embrace of readings, tutorial problem sets and overheated laptops.

Far away from crowded study tables, students rarely visit the book shelves at the Central Library so you only risk being judged by the friendly librarians. Take as long as you need to find that perfect angle but do remember to keep your volume down; this is a library after all.

2. Connecting Bridges @ AS8

Calling all Potterheads! Doesn’t AS8’s peculiar walkways remind you of the connecting staircases at Hogwarts? As much as The Hive over at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has been gaining lots of love from both students and photographers alike, AS8 deserves a slice of the pie too.

With its unique architecture, there are many perspectives you can experiment with for a refreshing take that’s not your usual find-a-nice-wall OOTD.

3. Hanging Vines @ SDE2

Dogs may be man’s best friend but frequent readers of Kinfolk will argue that plants deserve that coveted title instead. Frequently used as a prop for flat lays and home decor to add a tinge of laid-back lifestyle vibes, they are perfect for creating a contemporary OOTD look as well.

Aptly found in the School of Design and Environment, this wall of hanging vines definitely beats standing outside a tutorial room looking for gold on the ground.

4. Linkway @ Level 4 Of BIZ1

Although there’s no lack of brick walls outside the tutorial rooms at BIZ2, do you really want to add another name to this ‘Wall of Fame’?

Instead, head to the linkway over at level 4 of the Mochtar Riady building and strike your best Asia’s Next Top Model pose. If posing is not quite your forte, the edginess of the structure is something you can play with to strike out any traces of awkwardness.

5. Passageway Outside The Graduate Residence @ UTown

Personally, I would say UTown is one of the more photogenic places in NUS and you know what that means — O-O-T-D heaven. While the famous tree in Town Green definitely deserves a mention for those who prefer on-the-ground action, a wet weather plan is always a necessity.

Rain or shine, this passageway en route to the Education Resource Centre promises a good shot every single time with its muted colour palettes and textured arches. Coordinate a monochrome outfit for bonus points!

6. Eco-Pond @ Yale-NUS

Taking an OOTD on campus should be as easy as a walk in the park (literally). If you’re in UTown, check out the flora and fauna at the Yale-NUS’ Eco-Pond and be presented with a lovely backdrop for your OOTD.

Beware though, for the security guard at Yale-NUS does not take kindly to ‘trespassers’ (aka NUS students) and will ask you to scram. Stealthily taking photos and running away from her will only make the whole experience more thrilling, so don’t let that deter you.

7. Brick Walls @ Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

If the only time you are at the multi-purpose sports hall is during finals period, it is quite likely that you were too stressed to notice how photogenic this place actually is.

Although I low-key threw shade at brick walls earlier on, the ones here come with a twist (or rather, a hole) that you can definitely werk with. Also, brownie points for posing victoriously in front of the “SILENCE EXAMINATION IN PROGRESS” sign.

8. Tennis Courts @ Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

Not everyone is a tennis player but nothing should stop you from being on the court, even if it’s just for the ‘gram. Protip: abandoned tennis balls are real handy as props.

If you are the type who love-two (geddit?) commit to the look, deck out in tennis sportswear and bring your gear along as well for a game after the shoot. Gym selfies may be linked to narcissism but no one said anything about tennis courts.


After all that time spent on coordinating an outfit, it obviously deserves a coveted spot on your Instagram feed, right? If your all-time favourite OOTD spots in NUS are not yet on this list, do share the love and let us know in the comments below!

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