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Inspirock: Create A Personalised Travel Itinerary In Minutes With This Free Online Service

Inspirock is a free online service that helps you plan out a fully personalised travel itinerary in minutes. Gone are the days where I have to plough through 30 different websites and question their reliability and accuracy. 

Start by indicating your interest (be it a preference for an active vacation or a slow-going one, or one with kids or just adults) to allow Inspirock to create a full travel itinerary in minutes.

The app recommends day to day activities and when to arrive and depart from your travel destination. Customise it further with other recommendations available and complete your pre-travel plans by booking Inspirock’s recommended hotels and transport. 

Inspirock’s speciality is its ability to customise your entire itinerary spanning across an entire region or even multiple countries. Your dreams of driving up the California Coast or spending a month sightseeing across Europe can be made possible in just minutes.

I personally tried planning for a relaxing trip to South Korea on Inspirock and was presented with a relatively good option of travelling up to Busan and Jeju Island for six days. I did feel however, that my interest indicated to visit “hidden gems” was not met and it would be better if you use Inspirock as a base with other plans added on to it to make your trip one of a kind.

Inspirock has definitely made traveling to less-popular destinations much easier and less time consuming to navigate and plan. My next dream exotic vacation is just one click away!

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