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ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase ’17: Check Out These Asian Fashion Trends For Some Wardrobe Inspiration

The ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) returned for a second season at M Social Hotel on 7 July 2017, following its successful debut last year. Conceptualised by a Singaporean fashion designer, Hayden Ng, AFDS celebrates the diversity in the ASEAN regions and promotes cross-cultural creative collaboration.

Fashion designers and models

18 ASEAN fashion designer brands from Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos presented their signature creations from carefully curated haute couture, to ready-to-wear collections.
Let’s take a closer look at the fashion trends, colour schemes and notable pieces from the showcase:

The Bardot Trend

The Bardot trend, more commonly known as the off-the-shoulder trend, was on fire in 2016 and is still making its rounds in 2017. It is so popular because of its versatility; a top or dress with this design can be styled for both casual and formal occasions.

Nguyễn Quốc Bình added a bit of a playful touch to the Bardot trend as his creation is a crossover wrap top that exposes only one shoulder. The skirt is artfully divided into two distinct styles— with an intricate flower design on one side and a stripes pattern on the other— and it is undeniably chic.

Thailand, Itthikorn – Itthikorn

The gowns by Itthikorn proved that the Bardot trend can be classy too. The bell sleeves and the flowers sewn across the neckline complete the feminine look that this baby-pink gown achieves.

Thailand, Itthikorn – Itthikorn

This gown may look simple but the V-neck and short sleeves are intricate details that add to its elegance.

If you have yet to jump on the bandwagon, invest in a few Bardot pieces and get ready to flaunt your collarbones and your shoulders. Complete the look with simple accessories like a dainty choker or small necklaces.

The Flowy Trend

Wearing flowy clothing is the epitome of comfort as the fabric is light and doesn’t cling to your body.

Singapore, Hayden Ng –HAYDEN BOUTIQUE

This floral maxi dress gives the model a billowy silhouette and the tie around her neck adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Singapore, Hayden Ng –HAYDEN BOUTIQUE

Apart from prints that are inspired by Peranakan tiles, another thing that Hayden Ng‘s dresses have in common is a flowy look that is achieved through the use of loose fabric.

Singapore, Esther Choy – ESH by Esther

Flowy clothing is not limited to dresses only. Skirts, pants and even tops can be flowy. These wide leg pants with thigh high front splits are effortlessly cool and is definitely something that I would slip into for a casual night out!

Monochrome Colour Scheme

Monochrome and minimalism often go hand in hand. As a fan of minimalist fashion, the monochrome colour scheme is my favourite because it is so hard to go wrong with black and white.

You have already seen some monochrome pieces rocking the trends above but here are two more monochrome outfits that stood out that afternoon:

Indonesia, Hannie Hananto & Neera#HANNEERA

Hanneera plays with textures and eyelash trims at the bottom of the dress. The beauty of the intricate lace details on this white dress really proves that less is more.

The ruffles above the waist band of this pair of pants add a feminine touch to the chic look achieved by the wrap top and pants combination.

Many of the designers shared that fashion was about inventing new styles through mixing and matching. Mixing the flowy trend and the monochrome colour scheme would be a safe bet for any smart-casual occasion.

Beige Colour Scheme

Apart from monochrome, beige is another popular colour scheme. Khaki-coloured suits are usually found in menswear summer collections and is pretty ideal for Asian countries that experience perpetual summer (like Singapore).

This gown was undoubtedly the most stunning haute couture piece of the afternoon. The beige colour made the dress look very regal. If you’re shopping for a gown, consider getting one in this shade and you’re sure to turn a few heads.

Notable Pieces From The Ready-To-Wear Collection

I love how the colours on the front of this dress are different from the back of the dress, and the pom poms really help to add an element of fun. This dress seems like the perfect outfit for a picnic date under the sun.

Thailand, Yuki Unawan T –YUNA

This halter crop top with short sleeves creates a flirty and fun look. Whether you are casually strolling down the streets in town or going for a date, this outfit will keep you looking effortlessly chic.

The model was a vision in red in this number and the whole ensemble was very eye-catching, especially since this was the boldest colour on the runway that afternoon.

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It was definitely eye-opening to see the unique Asian interpretations of haute couture and street fashion at the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase 2017. The trends and colour schemes are inspiring, and I can’t wait to experiment with my own outfits.
Any ideas on what the next hot trends could be? Let us know in the comments!

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