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The Wait Is Over — Neopets Is Making a Comeback On Mobile After 20 Years

Yes, the Neopets Mobile site is here. The Company announced on its official Twitter account that the mobile site is currently in open beta—which means that the newly launched gaming site is available to the general public for trial and testing.

Credit – Neopets

As this long lost gaming site makes a comeback after 20 years, it’ll surely be nostalgic to anyone who grew up in the Neopia world. Especially so for those who didn’t have the privilege of keeping pets in our childhood days, we lived that dream vicariously through the Neopia realm.

Credit – Neopets

The site was incredibly popular in the early years of the 2000s, and I remember my sister and I would gather around our bulky monitor screen to play Meerca Chase and Extreme Herder.

It’s now time to bring the childhood memories back. If you can’t recall your login details, just like me, simply create a new one account and you can start to explore the Neopia world, feed your Neopets, earn some Neopoints—all from your handheld device.

Credit – Neopets

Also, check out these really cute Neopets backgrounds you can use for your next Zoom call. They serve as a great reminder to feed your beloved Neopets or to collect that free slice of omelette!

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