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From 1984 to 2020: NDP2020 Theme Song Brings A Different Tune

Now that GE2020 is over, let’s get down to more, ahem, patriotic business. As August lurks around the corner, so is our nation’s birthday. Like every other year, homegrown musicians gather and present a new song or an interesting jingle in this joyous celebration.

However, unlike other years, we all know deep down that NDP2020 is going to be a very different one.

Here’s our NDP2020 theme song titled “Everything I Am”.

Composed by Joshua Wan and performed by Nathan Hartono, the 3-minute long music video captured snippets of Singaporeans’ daily footprints and scenes of communities—which everyone probably misses dearly.

In many online forums, the song has received positive comments, especially on the meaningful and inspiring lyrics.

If it piques your interest, the first NDP theme song was introduced in 1984 with an upbeat tune “Stand Up for Singapore”.

For 2020, there’s no overtly catchy melody or joyous lyrics, likely inspired and guided by a slightly muted celebration this year. We love this change in mood for what could be the most anticipated song release in Singapore every year, but, we actually prefer it when played back 1.25x the original speed. Try it for yourself!

“Because of who you are, I can be everything I am.”

Credit – NDP2020

2020 is a tough and challenging year—nationwide and for citizens alike. What a timely call for unity and encouraging cheer to grit through this adversity.

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