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We Ask Golden Village Singapore: Can I sit with 5 friends for a movie & other burning questions

The wait is finally over. After three months, movie theatres are finally reopening their doors and we can finally savour the joys of widescreen and surround sound. As we embrace this new normal, I’m sure you are wondering what’s changed in our beloved cinemas.

We paid a visit to Golden Village Cinemas (Suntec) to see what measures are put in place.

Do I have to use SafeEntry when I enter the cinema?

Yes, you have to check-in using the SafeEntry.

Do I have to take my temperature before I enter the cinema hall?

If the cinema is located in a shopping mall, you would have already taken your temperature when you entered. So, there is no need to.

In the case where temperature checks are conducted and you have a temperature higher than 37.5°C, you will not be allowed in but you will be refunded your ticket.

How is Golden Village keeping the entrance clean?

Besides having more manpower to ensure surfaces are wiped down, Golden Village has also enlisted an A.I robot. I know. We are living in the future, ladies and gentlemen.

This little guy will move around the front entrances and carpeted areas, quietly cleaning places with high footfall while we go about our merry way. Currently, he is only at the Vivo City outlet but soon he’ll be at a GV near you.

Where can I buy my ticket?

You are highly encouraged to purchase your ticket online but if you are feeling spontaneous, you can purchase your tickets using Golden Village’s ticket kiosks. Make sure you follow the safe-distancing markers that are on the floor as well.

To maintain social distancing, purchasing will be done on alternate ticket kiosks. These ticket kiosks are also frequently wiped down and there is a bottle of hand sanitiser after you finish purchasing your tickets.

Can I still buy popcorn and other munchies from the concession stand?

Of course! What is a movie-going experience without a fistful of popcorn, am I right? There are safe-distancing stickers on the floor to control the crowd and cashless payments are preferred.

What you can do to minimise wait times is also to pre-order your snacks online as you are purchasing your tickets and then collect them on-site. Now, that is an efficient moviegoer.

What about the Gold Class Lounge?

Ooh, so we want to be fancy. The Gold Class Lounge has also implemented safe-distancing measures such as implementing the 1-metre safe-distancing rule with seats crossed out.

How many people are allowed in the cinema hall?

As per IMDA requirements, there is a maximum of 50 patrons allowed in a cinema hall. This is regardless of cinema hall size. In fact, with the safe distancing measures, some smaller cinema halls cannot even accommodate up to 50 patrons.

How are seats allocated in the cinema hall?

Seats are reconfigured into twos and threes and ensured a 1-metre radius around each allocation.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s a dark cinema – who’s going to notice? Golden Village has thought of that and taped velcro stripes to prevent anyone from flouting the rules.

What if I have a group of four or five? Can we still sit together?

The million-dollar question. This is subject to availability. You can book your tickets online separately first. Then, when you get to the cinema, inform the box office that you would like to sit together. If there is enough space in the cinema, you may sit together in a group of four to five.

Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets on-site and let the box office know you would like to sit together. A little risky since seating is subject to availability, best to book your seats in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do I need to wear my mask throughout the movie?

Yes, you will need to keep your mask on at all times. Sorry, Josephine.

What if I want to eat during the movie?

You may take off your mask when you are eating your popcorn but once you are done eating you are encouraged to put your mask back on. This is, of course, for your safety and for others.

It might be hard to enforce this rule since the hall is pitch-black most of the time. So, the staff will conduct random checks to ensure you have your mask on.

What about the cleanliness of the seats?

Rest assured that the seats are wiped down after every screening. This applies especially to high contact points such as arms rests and cup holders. In fact, GV has increased its manpower by 30% to keep up with the safe-distancing measures.

Other high contact areas such as cinema doors are also given a wipe down.

Since there are fewer people going to the cinema, are the ticket prices the same?

Yes, the tickets prices are the same.

Are there ongoing promotions?

Credit – Golden Village

Yes, the M Pass is for the bona fide film buff or if you are looking to snag a good deal.

In partnership with KLOOK, the M Pass will allow you to redeem four movie tickets for the price of S$20 for Golden Village Movie Club Members and KLOOK members or S$25 for the general public.

With up to 20 titles at your disposal, this definitely gets me excited to return to the hallowed halls of Golden Village.

What movies are playing now?

Right now, Golden Villages is showing My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizun and the long-awaited Train To Busan: Peninsula, the follow-up to South Korean blockbuster Train To Busan.

If you are looking for a laugh with a touch of the supernatural, Thai film Low Season will suit you fancy. Horror movies fans also wouldn’t want to miss out in Taiwanese horror campus ghost story The Bridge Curse.

The movie-going experience is certainly going to be different than before. But, in a time of a global pandemic, the act of going to movie theatres is some normalcy that I still greatly welcome.

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