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You Can Now Wear Your Aircon With Sony Reon Pocket

Sometimes the weather gets hot but you need to get out of the home. Haven’t you always wished you could drag the air conditioner out with you? Well, now you can, with Sony’s latest very own wearable aircon device, also known as the Sony Reon Pocket.


The portable device is slim and can be placed at the pocket pouch at the back of your shirt. When worn, it sits at the base of the neck and uses the ingenious method of the Peltier effect, which either absorbs or emits heat, thus keeping the body cool despite the environment temperature. On a single charge, the battery can last for approximately two hours.


When the weather is hot, the portable device is capable of lowering your body temperature by 13°C. Conversely, if you are feeling cold, it can keep you warm by increasing your body temperature by 8.3°C. Though at this point, it seems like no Singaporean in the right frame of mind would would want to keep themselves warm while outside, considering our sweltering weather.

It might come in handy, however, when travelling to colder countries which we are less acclimatised to.


The wearable device has a companion mobile application to allow users to manually regulate the temperature. Along with the cooling gadget, Sony is also shipping the special shirt with a back pocket to fit the mini air-conditioner.

The shirt is available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—and comes in in two colours—white and beige.


Can’t wait to get out of this heat? Shop now at the Sony Japan Store or Amazon.

Price: 13,000 yen (approx. S$169)

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