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Here’s How To Get Spotify Singapore’s New Lyrics Feature

Gone are the days when you had to toggle between your Spotify app and Genius tab in your web browser just to sneak in a couple of secret karaoke minutes at home. The new lyrics feature in Spotify’s latest update allows you to have an unabashed crooning session at a convenience you never knew you needed.

Credit – Spotify

The function is now available in various regions including Southeast Asia, with Singaporean users already having access to it.

Here’s how you can use this new feature:

1. If you haven’t updated your Spotify app since 30 June, head on to your respective app stores to do so.

2. Play any song of your choice and hit the “Now Playing” page.

3. Swipe up to access the all-new lyrics section and watch it update in real-time.

This update comes as a pleasant surprise, especially after listeners have endlessly requested to have lyrics as one of Spotify’s features. Cheers to no longer having to second guess what the lead vocalist has been singing — no more “lonely Starbucks lovers”.

“Listeners can now get to know their favourite tracks—and the lyrics behind them—even better,” said Spotify’s Asia Team Lead Boon Ken Wong. “It’s another way Spotify is connecting fans and artists through the music they love.”

Karaoke that’s free and on-the-go? Sign me the s**t up.

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