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| On 4 years ago

Moodica.com: Go On A Virtual Adventure & Escape Those Mundane Moments In Life

Zen hits us in different forms and with the current amount of oddly satisfying videos available, it’s high time there’s an entire website dedicated to satisfying all your odd desires.

Moodica.com is basically a website that takes you on a virtual vacation or adventure, whether you’re looking to dive amongst coral reefs or watch an animal graze in the highlands.

The website features a range of videos that explore various moods. There’s a little cave for anyone and everyone to climb into and get lost for an hour, whether you’re taking a break from homework or real adult life.

There’s even a mood dedicated to your pet, because even furballs need de-stressing sometimes.

Moodica is available on Apple TV, fireTV and will soon be coming to Samsung Smart TV.

Moodica.com: Website | Facebook | YouTube

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