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For the Love of Burgers—McDonald’s Is Dropping Beef-Scented Candles Amongst Other Merch

I have long dreamed of the day when McDonald’s sold merchandise. In an alternate universe, I’d be donning a Hamburglar backpack and be busy balloting for the most hyped pair of McDonald’s sneakers. But, reality often requires us to settle for second best. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I came to know about the McDonald’s Loungewear Collection that was all the rage last year.

But trust me when I say that you’re not ready for this year’s collection—I present to you, McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack.

Credit – McDonald’s

Yes, you read that right. And yes, allow me to elaborate. The 6 scents in the collection include Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and 100 percent Fresh Beef—a deconstructed candle burger, if you will. Pick one scent to try everyday for a week, or “burn together for maximum deliciousness,” as a quote on the box so fervently suggests.

Credit – McDonald’s

Why this olfactory Frankenstein you may ask? Well, coming from McDonald’s themselves, “there’s no better smell than 100 percent fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings.” And they are right. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be able to carry the cardiac-arresting aroma of burgers and fries with me wherever I went, and my prayers have now been answered by the Gods of fast food.

Credit – McDonald’s For the Love of Burgers—Mcdonald’s Is Dropping Beef-Scented Candles Amongst Other Merch

But that’s not all. To celebrate 50 years of the Quarter Pounder’s gastronomical success, McDonald’s is also dropping other fantastic merchandise such as engraved love lockets and matching couple mittens.

Now who said romance was dead?

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