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From Hand to Head, Japanese Introduces Hats Inspired by Baked Goods

We see bread on the table, in our lunch box and in our hands. Now, we wear bread on our heads. Kent Hats, an online shop from Japan, offers a line of beautifully-crafted felt hats inspired by different varieties of bread and baked goods.

Named after its owner and craftsman, Kent started creating hats since 2013 and opened his shop in 2017. The founder explained to The Japan Times that he was inspired to design these novel crafts because he wanted “to bring more attention to the idea of wearing hats.”

Credit – Kent Hat

Credit – Kent Hat

Creatively made with all types of shapes and sizes, there will be a hat for everyone. As I scroll through the site, his creations amused and piqued my interest. Hat-ters going to hate but I’ve got to take my hat off to Kent hats. They have an extensive spread of baked goods, ranging from traditional Japanese Melon Pan, fluffy Pancake, Greek Madeleine to the moist and rich Gateau Chocolate cake (check out that detailed icing sugar).

Credit – Kent hat

Also, it caters to all taste buds. For the sweet-toothed, they have a Macaron beret which comes in five creamy hues. For pastry lovers, you have Cinnamon roll hats with iconic spiral swirls at the crown of the hat. Besides food-related hats, they curate flower hats too. The Gothic Rose Hat comes in black and wine-red where the elegant flower silhouette sits at the crest of the can-can hat.

Credit – Kent Hat

Every hat is made to order so be prepared to curb your excitement, as production to shipment takes approximately one month.

Wait no further, head down to the website to check out their “menu”. The creative headwears are priced from 13,200 yen to 20,350 yen (approx. from S$166.88 to S$257.27).

Price: 13,200 yen to 20,350 yen (approx. S$166.88 to S$257.27)

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