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Trade In Your Old Furniture To Give It New Life At Maxi Home Living

If spending an extended period of time at home has gotten you sick and tired of your current set up, and it’s hard to go two seconds without wanting to gag at the sight of your boring ole’ work chair. Here’s a solution that might tickle your fancy.

Instead of tossing out perfectly good furniture that you’ve simply gotten bored of, give them a new lease of life by trading them in. Trade-in programmes for items such as gadgets and clothes are aplenty, but the idea of repurposing one’s furniture might be new to many.

Credit – Maxi Home Living

Maxi Home Living is offering customers a fuss-free and straightforward process to get their old furniture sorted out. Snap a clear photograph of the piece of furniture you’re hoping to sell and send it to +65 9632 9122 via Whatsapp.

Along with the image, include your reason for trading in, as well as what piece you’d like to trade for. Following that, all that’s left to do is wait. A brand ambassador from Maxi Home Living will contact you for an appointment.

Credit – Maxi Home Living

For more unique and rare pieces, you can also check out Hock Siong for second-hand furniture, operating equipment and antiquities from local hotels and residential households.

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