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| On 2 years ago

LEGO Socks: Protect Your Feet And Pick Up Bricks With This Unnecessary Invention

Most of us would probably have built something out of LEGO blocks in our lifetime. We might have forgotten the things that we built, but none of us could forget the pain felt stepping on a block. Say goodbye to that agonizing pain with the invention of LEGO Socks by Unnecessary Inventions.

Credit – Unnecessary Inventions

Although the company shows several spoofs and useless creative gadgets, the LEGO Socks is one invention that was deemed necessary by the masses. When you step on the LEGO Socks by accident, the blocks will fit in-between the little pegs of the sock sole. For families of LEGO loving children, this pair of socks will help you avoid suffering from the pain of stepping on LEGO blocks left around.

Credit – Unnecessary Inventions

The company does not sell their products online but they do provide a way for you to DIY your own LEGO Socks. Believe it or not, the process of making the socks is worth it. All you require is a 3D printout of your feet and LEGO dimensions that you can obtain online.

Credit – Unnecessary Inventions

Protect your kids with these socks and perhaps, they can enjoy building models from LEGO bricks with more ease and without any interruptions. After all, LEGO building is meant to be fun, not painful. Maybe it’s finally time for an official release of the socks.

Unnecessary Inventions: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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