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KAKAO FRIENDS Debuts New Ryan Front Opening Suitcase – Available In Korea

Credit – Kakao Friends

Sick and tired of plain-looking carry-on baggage when travelling? Fret not. Fans of Kakao Friends, you will be thrilled to find out that a new front opening navy blue suitcase featuring Ryan has been launched. Spruce up the look of your baggage with the adorable Ryan imprinted on the front, complementing the clean and sleek design.

Credit – Kakao Friends

Other than the cute imprint of Ryan, what makes this suitcase unique is its front-opening compartment. We might have faced the issue of having to unlock the entire suitcase in order to get something we have forgotten. With this front-opening storage space, accessing the storage space is made easier.

Credit – Kakao Friends

The dilemma of choosing a small backpack or a large suitcase often face travellers. With this 20-inches suitcase, it solves the issue with an abundance of space and being portable.

Credit – Kakao Friends

Keep your belongings safe with a TSA certified lock as well which is great for travelling through the United States.

Credit – Kakao Friends

With this front opening luggage, get things organized without needing to empty the entire suitcase.

Right now, this suitcase is only available in Korea, so do hit your friends up who are there to get it for you. Functionality wise, this suitcase is perfect for a short getaway and the cute design makes it even more appealing to obtain one.

Price: S$172 / 150,000KRW 


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