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6 Best LTA Compliant E-Scooters In Singapore We Tried And Tested

E-scooters in Singapore have made headlines in recent times, for the wrong reasons. These electric scooters (E-Scooters) are rising in popularity as an alternative mode of transportation for those shuttling between destinations in the heartlands as well as office workers who shuttle to work.

In search of the best E-Scooters to recommend, we decided to collaborate with Passion Gadgets, who let us test drive their LTA-approved models. Don’t want to get in trouble with illegal E-Scooters? Just follow our approved list here.

Apart from registering with LTA, you have to ensure that your E-scooters must not exceed 20kg in maximum unladen weight, 70cm in maximum width, and 25km/h in maximum motorised device speed.

After some shaky starts and test riding around, here is a list of recommended E-Scooters in Singapore that are LTA compliant and its key features for you to consider before making your purchase to scoot around.

1. Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter

The rising popularity of the Xiaomi Mijia is a testament to the consumer’s trust in Xiaomi. Of course, we have all associated Xiaomi with affordability and quality, perhaps that’s why many choose it.

A dual brake system consisting of an E-ABS anti-lock electronic brake and rear disc brake is also in place to ensure a smooth halt process. The brake is also more of a hand brake that bike riders will be familiar with.

One downside to the Mijia is the lack of a built-in display to show the speedometer. There’s only a rudimentary indication of how much battery life is left. However, it comes with a bell!

With its decent battery size which takes about 4 hours to be fully charged, it can travel up to 30km on just a single charge. Weighing at 12.5 kilograms, it makes traveling easier as you can bring it along on public transport if need be. In terms of technical specs, acceleration is quick and stable with a maximum speed of 25km/h.

If you have to travel a distance from the nearest public transport to your destination on a usual basis, this lightweight scooter will be one to take note of. At the price point of S$499 and the features that it offers, the Mijia is one of the best bargain buys that you can get for an e-scooter.

Price: S$499 | Buy It Here

2. Segway Ninebot Es2 Electric Scooter

The Ninebot Es2 may look similar to the Xiaomi Mijia at first glance, but there are a few noteworthy differences between the two that makes it slightly more pricey.

The LED underneath the Ninebot ES2 lights up the ground, serving as a safety feature where pedestrians can notice your presence easily. What’s even better, you can personally set the colour and display effect of the light through the mobile phone app.

Another feature difference that you might notice is the brake system. The Ninebot is equipped with an Electric Brake with anti-lock system and mechanical rear brake. So instead of a handle brake like the ones we are accustomed to in bikes, you simply push down the electric brakes on the left handle.

The technical specs are similar to the Xiaomi Mijia—acceleration takes you to a max of 25km/h and both are 12.5kg as well. The charging time for a full charge and the distance travelled for a full charge is almost the same as well. The Ninebot has a built-in display which shows the speed, battery life and various modes, unlike the Mijia.

The Ninebot ES2 is a good option if you require changing your mode of transport frequently as you get from place to place. As the bars of this E-Scooter are signifcantly thicker, customization options might be quite limited. However, the Ninebot is our choice of e-scooter and our team even bought a couple.

Price: S$649 | Buy It Here

3. Tomoloo L1-1 Electric Scooter

For those who have taken the Telepod E-scooter before, the Tomoloo L1-1 looks quite similar. As compared to the previous two on this list, this E-scooter is slightly wider and bulkier in design. The wider surface gives you a bigger platform to rest your feet and might be more comfortable for taller people. The heavier design also makes it a little more stable when going across uneven terrain.

The weight of the Tomoloo L1-1 is slightly heavier at 12.9kg than the previous two models mentioned, but it is still easy enough to carry around when it is folded. The Tomoloo also comes with a deck and rear light so you’ll be pretty noticeable during the night.

The technical specs are similar to the Mijia and Ninebot as well – the difference is the three speed modes for the Tomoloo L1-1 similar to the Ninebot. These three speed modes allow you to set a speed limit individually, and you can cruise along without having to worry about going over the limit.

Price: S$699 | Buy It Here

4. DYU D1 Seated Electric Scooter

The DYU D1 Seated Electric Scooter is often seen as a common mode of transportation for food delivery riders that can be seen zooming past our neighbourhoods.

So why this seated E-scooter? Firstly, the seat gives the rider comfort, especially during long distances. If you are carrying a load, it would not be wise to remain standing upright for long hours as well.

Furthermore, the existence of a Cruise button allows the scooter to travel at a constant speed without throttling. As such, the rider will feel slightly relaxed and have a more comfortable journey instead of having to keep revving.

Equipped with bright induction headlight and smart rear brake light, this will ensure that the rider can be spotted in his travel in dark places and prevent any unwanted accidents from happening.

The acceleration for the DYU D1 is also greater and smoother due to a better motor in place. It is also easy to carry due to its light weight of 13kg. Charging time may take up to four hours for a full charge and you can travel for up to 30km.

Price: S$699 | Buy It Here

5.Fiido Q1 Electric Scooter

If you want an E-scooter which you can customize, get the Fiido Q1 Electric Scooter. This E-scooter is well known for the wide variety of customization options where you can get to add a child seat or grocery basket.

The Fiido comes with a cruise control option just like the DYU, but what makes this E-scooter even better is the built-in internal alarm. Once you’ve locked your scooter, no one else can unlock or move your Fiido due to the unique set of keys that you have.

There are some differences with the DYU—this scooter has a front headlight but attached with a rear reflector. A single full charge takes up to 4 hours, but it can last up to 55km of mileage.

With a powerful motor and a sturdy frame to ride with a max weight of 120kg, this electric scooter is suitable if you need to ferry your kid around or for heavy grocery shopping —also very popular with food delivery riders.

Price: S$899 | Buy It Here

6. CarboAero 6.0 Electric Scooter

The CarboAero 6.0 Electric Scooter caters to those who are seeking a lightweight E-scooter at a very affordable price point.

This 7.9kg scooter makes it a good companion for carrying on public transport or to the office. The small frame when folded is extremely compact as well.

The CarboAero E-scooter is attached with a front electric and rear fender brake, making it comfortable for users to apply the brakes while on the move. The short charging time of up to two and half hours adds to the travelling ease of this scooter where you can charge it quickly before setting off again.

Price: $399 | Buy It Here

Where To Buy LTA Compliant, UL2272 Certified E-scooters In Singapore?

All of the LTA compliant E-scooters will have a maximum speed of 25km/h in order to ensure safety among the riders as well as pedestrians. You can only travel up to 10km/h on public pavements for those who are not sure of the law and they all have to be UL2272 certified.

We got our E-scooters from PassionGadgets, which has a huge facility for you to test a wide range of models and also buy and register your e-scooter on the spot.

The friendly staff will guide you through the registration process and even get your license number sticker printed on the same day – you’ll be ready to ride your newly bought e-scooter in no time.

You can still add an assortment of accessories such as mobile phone holders, baskets as well as getting a helmet. Enjoy your E-Scooter ride and please, do not blast your techno music in public. 

If you’re buying an E-Scooter from Passion Gadgets, don’t forget to key in coupon code “FREEREGLTA” upon check out to get a $20 registration fee rebate for your LTA registration and E-Scooter number plate.

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