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Rep Your Neighbourhood In Singapore With These Punny (& Funny) Tees By Kult

Singaporeans and their puns are like two peas in a pod. With this in mind, Kult has created a capsule collection of tees and tote bags featuring the combination of names of our local neighbourhoods and cult classic films.

And I have to say, some of them can only be described with one word: genius.

My favourites are the punny reworks of some of my favourite childhood cartoon TV series. “Teenage Mutant Newton Turtle” rolls off the tongue so effortlessly whilst “Mighty Morphin Punggol Rangers” is so cleverly disguised in the design that you’d need a few double takes to see the difference.

If your hometown has not received this special treatment, you need only to wait as new designs seemingly drop every few months. Or you know, drop the brand a DM with your own renditions and see if it catches on.

Or are you gonna tell me, “Ain’t No Dhoby Ghaut Time For That!”

Prices: Tees (S$38), Totes (S$28) 

Kult: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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