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| On 2 years ago

Battle Bunker: Wage War Against Boredom At This Board Game Heaven In West Coast

Gone are the days of small hobby shops nestled in our humble neighbourhoods that were once exploding with popularity with the younger kids; the go-to hangout spot after the final school bell rings.

The new generation of Singaporeans are not too keen on card or board games in general, swapping them for their mobile or console counterparts instead.

This is where Battle Bunker steps in. Just like its name suggests, they’re striving to provide protection from the harsh and mundane reality of everyday life with escapism through games.

They’ve opened their newest outlet in West Coast, so Westies, rejoice!

They are opening their doors and freeing up their space for this unique community — think of it as the internet connecting gamers to one another.

The barrier of entry into these games is way higher than your typical shooter games or the like. Rules of the games usually stretch across pages and the terms used are not explained thoroughly. The wise elders at Battle Bunker will guide you through the intricacies of any game you intend to learn.

Most commoners will come enquiring about the long-standing card game, Magic: The Gathering or other board games that they’ve come across in parties and what not.

Heart-warming in its dealings, you can come down looking to play a certain game and be ushered by the folks at Battle Bunker into an on-going session with groups entirely foreign to you. There could just be a bunch of buddies having a night of fun who will welcome you openly in hopes that you’ll have an equally great night.

That’s the connecting factor I was talking about. You see, some games require a minimum number of players but you can still enjoy the game if you come by yourself.

Game Offerings

Their bread and butter is the world-renowned card game, Magic: The Gathering. They are known for hosting launches of the latest expansions and you can bet on them having it for sale if you’ve struck out elsewhere.

There are sections full of board games featuring the hilariously popular Exploding Kittens, the localised Limpeh Says and the lesser-known but equally popular, Secret Hitler. Your group can rent an unlimited number of games for just S$10 an hour per group, with each person required to purchase a beverage of your choice.

Who says you’re too old for toys? Battle Bunker features a slew of collectables and figurines that double as chess pieces in their respective larger scale table-top game. By paying S$10 a person plus a purchase of beverage, you can rack up an unlimited number of hours playing the larger games.

Warhammer, for instance, is a game of strategy where players assemble an army and pit their squadrons against one another. Battles can last from a mere thirty minutes to a whole weekend.

Players of this game of attrition are to assemble their armies and paint them into uniforms to represent a coalition.

Painting them allows for a certain level of intimacy that adds a curious element into the following gameplay. I believe it boils down to not watching your loved ones crumble under the heavy warfare.

Ruins will be the setting for this upcoming skirmish. With severed statue heads covered with realistic mock moss to give that dystopian feel, it allows for easy immersion.

Fancy jumping deep into a new hobby? This little hideout of entertainment might just take away your boredom. Hit up your Whatsapp groups and gather your mates for hours of rowdy fun.

Better yet, if you’ve got a Dungeons & Dragons campaign already running, this would be the perfect place for that, and all you need to buy is a beverage.

Price: Starting from S$10

Battle Bunker: 154 West Coast Rd, #B1-05 West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371 | Opening Hours: 12pm till late | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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