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KAKAO FRIENDS X Daelim Bath Showerhead Collection Has Been Released In Korea

If you are sick of the typical looking showerhead and you would like to spruce up the aesthetics of your bathroom, fret not. KAKAO FRIENDS has just released the all-new Ryan and Apeach’s showerhead in collaboration with famous Korean sanitary ware brand, Daelim Bath.

Credit – Kakao Friends

This cute bathroom supply will give a new look to your bathroom with its bright colours.

The Kakao Friends showers come in two colours: “Ryan Yellow” and “Apeach Pink”. This is definitely a unique way to add colours into your life while getting clean.

Credit – Kakao Friends

Credit – Kakao Friends

More than just looking fabulous, the hydraulic pressure on the shower can be adjusted and there is even an impurities filter. Talk about being the most famous brand in Korea for sanitary ware, this collaboration nails it.

Credit – Kakao Friends

Only available on online stores unless you are in South Korea, get your hands on while stocks last. Why stick to the typical silver pipe, it gets boring after some time, doesn’t it?

KAKAO FRIENDS X Daelim: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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