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Laser Clay Shooting By The WOW Experience: Test Out Your Firing Skills In Singapore

If you’re in the mood for trying something new, here’s an idea: Laser Clay Shooting. 

The WOW Experience is the only place in Singapore that offers laser clay shooting, and we’re glad we got to try it out.

Our Experience

Laser Clay is held at the big open field at Old Holland Rd. The field is about a 10 minutes walk from King Albert Park MRT station (take Exit A).

You’ll be able to spot The Wow Experience’s bright red tents. Before we started we were given a briefing on how Laser Clay shooting works and how to use the guns.

The guns used are actually old rifles from WWII. But don’t worry, it’s totally safe because the guns have been remodelled to fire and detect hits through lasers. So yes, this could be an interesting activity for the entire family to take part in without any physical risk.

With the help of a controller, the colourful disks of clay are shot out of the Clay Launcher (blue machine on left) at a high speed. This launcher can be adjusted accordingly to your desired height. All you have to do is fire at the airborne clay discs to get a point! The laser will detect if you’ve hit the clay. If you’ve successfully hit the clay, you will hear a sound effect from the scoreboard speakers.

It was pretty windy and I was so focused on taking photos I got hit in the leg by this yellow disk of clay. Please stay near the tent.

As you can see from the way my colleague was standing, he was really taking this seriously. This field at Old Holland Rd was massive and there were people there flying their drones too.

Laser Clay Games

There are four different games that gunners can play in Laser Clay:

LaserSport: 1st shot to hit the clay score 2 points, 2nd shot will score 1 point. (Only allow 2 shot per round)

Rapid fire: The 1st shot to hit the clay earns 5 points, followed by the 2nd shot earn 4 points, followed by 3, 2 and 1 point.

Skillshoot: 1st shot to hit clay earn 2 points, 2nd shot to hit earn 1 point, if hit both shots, earns a total of 3 points.

Speedshoot: 1st person to hit the clay earns 2 points. No other gun can shoot if someone scored.

Each gunner’s score is displayed here on the scoreboard.

You can even take part in this Laser Clay shooting experience for corporate bonding activities as well! Click here to find out more.

The WOW Experience holds laser clay shooting as a public session on the last Sunday of each month, at Old Holland Rd. Singapore is friggin’ small and yeah it seems like we’re running out of things to do in our free time.

Thankfully there are activities like this that bring that extra excitement – Laser Clay shooting is fun and different, compared to the usual activities like bowling.

The WOW Experience was founded by Joshua Tay back in 2005. They offer a variety of fun activities and programs such as laser tag, soccergolf, obstacle courses and laser clay shooting.

Fees: $49/pax for 75 clays (approx. a 30mins session)

Opening hours: 4pm- 7pm, last Sunday of month

Laser Clay @ The Wow Experience: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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