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Singaporean Artist Jean Seizure Releases Honest & Heart-Wrenching Single, ‘I Know’

In the sea of rising local artists, Jean Seizure stands out from the rest with her triple-threat persona. Some of you might recognise her from local A Cappella group, The Apex Project, while others may find her familiar from Toggle’s I’m Madam. The singer-songwriter has released her latest single, ‘I Know⁠’—what she calls the “most honest song she’s ever written yet”.

Credit – Jean Seizure

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, ‘I Know’ is a piano-driven song in which Jean acknowledges the fragility of modern love and the unpredictability of life. “Hey, I know, I can’t give you everything,” she honestly sings, a little older and a little wiser now as she looks back at the toxic relationship she had come out of 2 years ago.

The quiet yet powerful single is different from other of Jean’s songs, coming from a place of being resigned to her shortcomings, scars, and things in life which she realised she simply couldn’t control. Yet, it has helped her get in touch and come to terms with loving despite the uncertainty, and knowing that it’s alright.

Credit – Jean Seizure

Interestingly, ‘I Know’ is loosely considered as the denouement to Jean’s 2018 debut single, ‘Night’, which had garnered 1,907,004 all-time streams on Spotify. This Valentine’s Day, Jean hopes that her song will speak to everyone no matter their circumstance, and to remind them to hold those near and dear tightly.

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