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Je T’aime Perfumery Workshop: A Valentine’s Day Gift That Makes Scents

As February rolls around, there’s a big question to address, especially for couples. “What makes a good gift for Valentine’s Day?”

If you’re drawing a blank on ideas, we’ve got one for you. Je T’aime Perfumery is having a promotion on their DIY Couple Perfume Workshop. So, scratch your heads no more!

Look at these beauties! It’s time to create your own couple scent and wear them proud.

Je T’aime specialises in making fragrances based on your personalities. With the help of a simple test, each pair of participants will be guided in producing two 75ml bottles of their very own scent.

Considering that branded perfumes can easily cost near $200 or more per bottle, this workshop, priced at $250 per couple, is definitely worth considering.

There are individual workshops available as well, with prices starting at $125 for a beginner’s session.

Another remarkable opportunity that Je T’aime provides is the use of oils from Orchids which are native to Singapore but aren’t commonly used today. It starts from $350 per person – although pricier, it would thrill all perfume enthusiasts.

With an approximate 400 bottles of scents that Je T’aime has to offer, your Valentine’s Day gifts to each other will truly be exclusive and would uniquely be “one and only” for each other.

Date: Registration (dates subject to availability)

Je T’aime Perfumery Workshop:  90 Good Man Road, BLOCK O, #01-57, Singapore 439053 

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