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Check Out The Newly Released (Feb 2017) Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 Oreo, With New Colourway Announced

Fans of the UltraBoost shoes by Adidas, hurry down to one of the Adidas outlets in Singapore now! The latest UltraBoost 3.0 has just been released in the popular Oreo colourway (S$299). In addition, Adidas has announced 16 February 2017 as the U.S. release date for another sleek colourway for those of us who want to stand out from the throngs of people wearing all-black shoes.

The UltraBoost 3.0 “Silver Boost” collection is unique because it’s the first ever silver boost sole that’s been announced. While this isn’t the first time that an UltraBoost shoe has had coloured soles, this is probably the sleekest one, since the red is a little too bright for my taste and the black is just, well, black.

What’s even better is that Adidas has finally merged the UltraBoost with football cleats, resulting in the UltraBoost Cleat that’s lightweight and breathable.

There’s no news yet on whether the cleats and the UltraBoost 3.0 Silver will have the same release date in Singapore as the U.S., but it’s been that way so far, so keep an eye on Adidas Singapore’s Facebook page for updates.

The UltraBoost 3.0 in the Oreo colourway (S$299) however, is now available in limited quantities at Adidas Singapore stores, so hurry and get your pair!

Price: S$299

Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 Oreo: Available in limited quantities in selected stores | Facebook | Website

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