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Instagram’s Stay Home sticker — Pledge Against COVID-19 Today

I woke up on Saturday morning, reached for my phone and entered into my world of Instagram. Pleasantly surprised and curious at the “Stay Home” icon at my story bar, I immediately tapped the symbol and found a compilation of photos and videos from different friends pledging their solitary in solidarity.

In these stories, they were engaged in various activities that promoted social distancing—the popular catchphrase now—such as watching shows on Netflix, meeting their friends virtually on various web platforms, and keeping an arm’s length while queuing for their favourite teh-bing.

The Facebook-owned platform has launched a new “Stay Home” sticker and story group to encourage people to be socially responsible by avoiding crowded areas and staying safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media platforms are an excellent way to promote anything and everything. Instagram, alone, has more than 400 million active users a month with approximately 60% of people logging in daily. Breaking that extensive statistic up, that means this virtual platform is hosting more than 10 million visitors every hour.

Many COVID-19 related social initiatives are taking the grounds on social media platforms, for example, the new online challenge titled #SGUnited, which is coupled with the catchy rhythms of Tiktok videos to promote good hygiene habits and socially responsible platforms in a light-hearted mood.

The “Stay Home” sticker and story collection are available on Instagram. Go, make your statement, stand undivided, and pledge yourself in this war against COVID-19!

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