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6 Best Netflix Shows You Can Binge-watch Anytime, Anywhere

Ah! The joys of binge-watching. There’s a certain gratification we get from finishing a series from start to end in one week. Is it really a guilty pleasure if you take control of your viewing habits? Just like driving on a clear, traffic-free highway, these six shows guarantees you a smooth and uninterrupted journey from start to finish. Waiting till next week with breath that is bated for the next episode? A thing of the past! Start binging, and welcome to the good life. 

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Credit – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

This 10-seasons American sitcom first aired in 1994, featuring the lives of individuals Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross as they go through life adventures in their mid-20s. Realistically, most life experiences are covered; love, marriage, divorce, heartbreaks, childbearing, adoption, and job transitions. This series is classic, timeless, and sets the gold standard for a successful comedy series. Most fans will admit that the characters grew up with them.

The characters’ distinct quirks, candid interactions, and impeccable chemistry amalgams in perfect harmony. It has been 16 years since its last season in May 2004 but fans of Friends remain faithful. The reality of the separation anxiety and its lasting footprint are undeniable truths. The demand is so great that it leads to the opening of  a Central Perk café in Singapore for us die-hard fans to relive those good old memories.

Who should watch it: Die-hard fans for the or anyone who wants a good laugh. 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. | Watch Here

2. Kim’s Convenience

This Canadian Television comedy premiered in 2016 and portrays an immigrant Korean American family, the Kims, who runs a grocery store in Toronto. The Kim family comprises four characters; ‘Appa’ the father, ‘Uma’ the mother, along with their son and daughter, Jang and Janet. 

Credit – IMDb

Like an audio caricature, Appa and Uma’s exaggerated Korean-accented English becomes highly impressionable. Beneath the entertaining and light-hearted front, the show highlights the inescapable contrast of the deeply ingrained traditionalism of Asian parenting set against a liberal Western backdrop. 

Who should watch it: People who appreciate jokes with a cultural slant. If you enjoy ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, Kim’s Convenience is your next to-go series to binge. You are most welcome!

Kim’s Convenience | Watch Here

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Premiered in 2013, Brooklyn-99 is an American police procedural comedy television series set in the fictional 99th precinct. The show features Jake, a childish but gifted detective who frequently runs into conflict with his newly appointed supervisor, Captain Raymond.

Credit – IMDb

The characters’ wacky gags appear to be the central highlight of the show. Good prior knowledge of the show is not required, which means that you can start watching it from any episode. The plot is non-intimidating and definitely friendly to all our first-timers.

Who should watch it: Perfect for big group gatherings to fill up that awkward silence. Also, extremely suitable for anyone who enjoys slapstick humour and does not mind repetitive jokes. Nothing too serious and witty.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Watch Here

4. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, an American television sitcom, first aired in 2007. The show centres on BFFs Leonard and Sheldon, who are remarkably intelligent but socially awkward physicists. 

Credit – The Big Bang Theory

The series portrays geek characters that speak, communicate and unknowingly crack jokes in scientific terminologies. Through trailblazing new perimeters of nerddom amongst characters, you will witness the growth of the characters through adulthood. It really debunks the stereotypes of geeks and nerds although not without its fair share of criticisms.

Who should watch it: Anyone who appreciates witty jokes and some dry humour. Some generic science background and lightly acquainted with scientific terminologies will be useful. 

The Big Bang Theory | Watch Here

5. The Good Place

Credit – Netflix

The most recent comedy television series of the six, The Good Place aired in 2016. This fantasy series is set in an afterlife realm with four main characters who are deceased individuals in the show: Eleanor the selfish saleswoman, Chidi the ethics professor, Tahani the daughter of a wealthy philanthropist, Jason the amateur DJ and Michael the demon architect (sorry, a spoiler alert!). 

The multiple plots twist challenges the viewer’s comfortable complacency; for example, Eleanor discovered that their predicament is a hoax. Beneath its harmless jokes and great audience engagement, The Good Place gently unveils ethical dilemmas, questions of the afterlife,  and validity of some morality issues. Witness the fantastic four challenge the fundamentally flawed “point system” of the Good and Bad place.

Who should watch it: Anyone who welcomes an intellectual feast amid an entertaining series.

The Good Place | Watch Here

6. How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Credit – Amazon

Commonly abbreviated as HIMYM, this American sitcom ran from 2005 to 2014 and  features main lead Ted Mosby with his group of four friends in Manhattan, New York City.

Outlined in 2030 on multiple flashbacks, Ted, a hopeless romantic, recounts to his son and daughter his misadventures leading to how he eventually met their mother.

An unexpected twist within stories is a double-edged sword. In the case of HIMYM, I cannot tell if this finale twist is considered a successful one. To prevent any potential disappointment at the end of your binge, my advice is to get acquainted with the characters but not emotionally involved. Let the catchphrases grow into you and just enjoy the show!

Who should watch it: People who regard show satisfaction beyond its plot. 

HIMYM | Watch Here

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