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This Instagram Page Reveals Exactly What Goes Behind the Scenes of Influencer Accounts

With Singapore’s micro influencer culture on the rise, we’re starting to see more model wannabes pop up on our social media feeds—for most of them, Instagram is their choice of weapon. And if you’re wondering just what lengths these ‘influencers’ go to for their money shots, you’re not alone.

This Instagram account, @InfluencersInTheWild, has made it their life’s work to expose what truly goes on behind the scenes of the sometimes ridiculous-looking influencer ‘photo shoots’ that more often than not get our eyes rolling.

The account is founded and run by social media personality Tank Sinatra, who has 2.3 million followers on Instagram himself. There, he runs InfluencersInTheWild account, a Meme account called @MemeDaddy, is a host on the Think Tank podcast, and lastly, runs a fourth Instagram account called @TanksGoodNews, a page dedicated to reporting wholesome news only. We ourselves love an all-rounded man.

On the @InfluencersInTheWild account, you’ll find raw absurdity of the influencer situation all over the world, but primarily in the west due to the nature of the video submissions. If you’ve seen or recorded anything you find appropriate for the page, Tank is gladly accepting submissions here.

Whenever you need a good laugh, head on over to the @InfluencersInTheWild page to chortle at just how extra these ‘influencers’ can get, all in the name of likes and page views. And if you personally know someone who’s just like them, don’t forget to tag them in the comments.

Yes, you know who I’m talking about—those clout-chasers that make it a yearly ritual to milk the hell out of their likes during festive periods like the Lunar New Year, lifting the hem of their skirts just slightly high enough to tease preying eyes online, yet still keeping it Instagram-friendly.

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