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Fendi’s Latest Pico Baguette Charm Bag Is so Small, You Won’t Even Know It’s There

It’s 2020, and we’ve seen everything extra there is to be seen, right? Wrong. Our problems are getting bigger, and our bags, well, they’re getting smaller. It seems like as fashion trends evolve, I have to throw out one item from my bag with every passing season. Now I know micro bags have been all the rage as of late, but Fendi‘s Pico Baguette Charm Bags take the word ‘small’ to a whole new level.

Credit – Fendi

The nano-bag measures 4cm by 4cm, having made its debut on the runway of Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2020 show. Claiming the title of the smallest bag that Fendi has ever made, the Pico Baguette Charm Bag comes in two silhouettes and six spring-appropriate colourways.

Credit – Fendi

The bags feature a fun yet vintage twist, made from coloured beads of varying shapes and sizes—each exuding different looks to suit a range of styles. Each piece comes with a long multifunctional chain that enables the charm bag to be worn as a crossbody, a necklace, and even a bracelet. But if neither of these is quite up your alley, then ditch the look and attach the Pico Baguette bag to your regular bag as a charm instead—yes, a pricey charm, I know.

Credit – Fendi

To top it all off, Fendi’s iconic monogram Baguette buckle takes centre stage as the bag’s closure. Where statement accessories are concerned, just how small can we go? As a wise classmate of mine once said, “it’s always fashion over functionality”, and she’s right. Perhaps the next pico bag will be so tiny, you won’t even know it’s there.

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