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Planning To Get The New iPhone? This Service Will Queue In Line For You

With the recent announcement of Apple’s latest version of the iPhone, you may already be thinking of ways to beat the queue.

If you’ve just renewed your line or god behold, purchased a Note 8, iQueue provides queueing services to hold your place in the upcoming line at Singapore’s flagship Apple store, or any other launches that will require you to queue for hours.

iQueue is a local startup that has heard the disgruntled complaints of Singaporeans — be it Coldplay concert tickets, juicy duck rotisserie from Duck Master, or the latest Yeezys, we’ve all missed out on being first to get our hands on the product or food just because we don’t want to waste hours waiting in line.

iQueue is offering services ranging from replacing someone in a queue, or having someone complete the whole transaction for you and have it delivered to your doorstep. Prices start at S$20 an hour to S$250 for a whopping eighteen hours!

Well, time is money and for that pretty penny at least you’re ensuring that you’re winning on release day. With all the upcoming releases that are starting to pop up this time of year, ensure that you take no more losses.

Prices: S$20 – S$250

iQueue – Professional Queuing Service: Website | Facebook

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