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Kohepets: We’ve Only Got Paw-sitive Feedback For This Leading Online Pet Store In Singapore

Kohepets impressed Jake Chipolata very much indeed

Being a working full-time pawrent in Singapore isn’t the easiest thing; We’ve all dropped that ball. Jake Chipolata (aka my lil’ sausage dog) knows what that’s like, and it’s no fun. Before moving in with his mummy (me), sometimes he was fed kibble he was allergic to because no one had stocked up.

But some pawrents don’t even have time for a short coffee break between meetings, let alone run to the store for 10kg of kibble. Which is precisely how online pet store Kohepets and its efficient two-day delivery has simplified pawrenting.

But Kohepets has been garnering positive reviews for much more than that, and I can’t wait to share the joys of Jake Chipolata’s new favourite store (and mine) with you.

Incredible Range Of Quality Products For Any Pet

As a pawrent of two (very) different furkids, I buy from shops that don’t just stock dog food. I grew up with cats, hamsters, even tree lizards, and surprisingly, many pet shops only cater to dogs.

It’s a personal “principle” thing, deciding not to patron shops catering only to one species of pets. Shopping anywhere outside of Pet Lovers Centre as a result, becomes quite limiting. It’s not like I expect to find lizard food, but products are always kept to a small range to cater to different pet owners.

One-stop shopping at Kohepets for bunny & pup

Grain-free food like Taste Of The Wild is just as affordable

Kohepets and its wide, varied range will have something to suit the needs of your pets. Thankfully so, because Jake Chipolata is allergic to common things – chicken, grass and tea-tree.

And most kibble and treats get made with chicken meal even if none of the main ingredients are chicken. Some brands recommended for allergies aren’t even sold in Singapore, let alone affordable.

We’ve just started Taste Of The Wild’s Pine Forest with Venison Grain-Free Dry Dog Food ($35 for 2kg) because we think he might also be allergic to grain now. Going grain-free is highly recommended, because lots of kibble contain rice and corn to bulk up the food.

Of everything offered, this worked out as the most affordable and, as aunty as I am going to sound, most value for money. It pays (literally!) to consider what you can afford in the long run, and Kohepets caters to different budgets.

Well-Informed Providers Of Health Care Products

Doting pawrents want the best for their furchild, but with so many products on the market, how does one begin to choose what’s best?

Grain-free freeze-dried food & supplements available

As with every relationship, even the transactional ones, you need to know you can trust what the other person is saying. If someone tries selling you wine, but can’t tell you about taste profile or what food to pair it with, you’re not going to buy anything.

I have left pet shops bewildered at how little they knew about animals, let alone their own products. So if I had to pick Kohepets’ best feature, I’d say it’s how they give consumers every reason to trust them.

In fact, they even have a regularly updated blog with informative articles, including tips on looking after your fur-children.

Add a pump or two into one meal and mix in

One of the first things that the staff at Kohepets asked me was what allergies or issues needed addressing. With that, they included four bottles of Life by Tropiclean supplements ($27.50) and Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried food.

Life by Tropiclean is available as a multivitamin replacement, immunity support and even probiotic support.

Packets of freeze-dried meals are easy – just pour water!

Grandma Lucy’s offers raw, dehydrated food – said to be more nutritious than your usual kibble with significantly less processing. It’s all grain-free, and as easy as making oats in the morning. If any of you pawrents are advocates for these, it’s a good time to stock up.

Top Three Product Picks

If you’re not convinced about chucking all other pet store membership cards yet, here’re three products that Kohepets stocks at prices that are totally worth it, and which I will henceforth continue to swear by. Forever.

3. BOZZI Hypoallergenic Mood Balancing Shampoo

Jake Chipolata was diagnosed with Depression. Although much better now since moving in with his mummy, he still suffers from Separation Anxiety if his pawrents are away for too long or have been working late.

I wasn’t keen on starting medication and herbal supplements, but it was at Kohepets that I found BOZZI’s Mood Balancing Shampoo ($29), which is also hypoallergenic! He’s definitely a lot calmer during bath-time and after – I think the magic is in all the aromatherapy ingredients.

My bathroom now smells like a spa, so even if Jake isn’t relaxed and calm, I am.

2. OurPets’ IQ Treat Activity Ball

Does your pup or kitty have destructive behaviour or overwhelming amounts of energy that never runs out? Most disciplinary issues like chewing, destroying or even gnawing incessantly at their paws stems from boredom.

Fill this IQ Treat Ball ($28) with kibble and watch them work for their food. This stimulates them both mentally and physically because they’ll frustratedly realise that it rolls away. For those really smart furballs– the middle has an adjustable-sized hole for kibble to fall through. That’s four levels of difficulty to give them opportunity for new challenges.

And, if you’ve worried about how your pet unhealthily inhales its food (dogs especially), putting a meal into this ball definitely slows the eating process down.

1. GEX Drinking Fountain

Stale water is perfect bacteria breeding ground, explaining why animals prefer running water. Drinking fountains for pets run water through a filter throughout the day, supplying safer, cleaner water.

There are many different fountains, some are steel-made, or just bigger or fancier. I don’t know how I missed out on the stock offered at Kohepets, but when I found it this time round, I was so excited!

The GEX Drinking Fountain ($48.50) ticked all my boxes. It holds a good amount of water (950ml), is low voltage and energy-efficient (preventing spiked electricity bills), and has easy to find, affordable replacement filters.

Jake Chipolata was bewildered by the moving water at first and freaked out. I taught him how to use it by calming him down, bringing him closer, dipping my fingertip into the fountain and letting him lick it off. That did well to convince him that water-bowls don’t attack puppies – so now he’s finally drinking a good amount of water throughout the day.

Price of three items – $105.50. A happier, healthier Jake Chipolata – priceless.

Kohepets: Tel: +65 8228 8125 | Website | Facebook

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