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Human Library SG: Stories That Are Told To You By Loaning A “Human Book”

Conceived in 2000, the concept of the human library was born in Denmark with the aim of breaking down social barriers, and challenging the stereotypes and prejudices of each individual.

To simply explain the “human library” concept, it is where people of various backgrounds are “loaned” to people, giving them the opportunity to interact with them, and in the process learn more about their background and the interests or issues that they represent.

Held at the The Red Box on 30th October 2016, participants attending can choose to “loan” up to three “human books” that interest them. To allow for an intimate learning experience and maximum interaction, participation is kept to a limited number.

Here are some of the “human books” that will be on loan on that day:

1. Shafiqah

As someone who is living with major depressive disorder and borderline personality disorder, Shafiqah hopes to share her story on overcoming suicide and how she is working to use mobile technology to make psychotherapy easier.

2. Ci En

Being born with achondroplasia — a genetic disorder that causes dwarfism, Ci En shares his life story as to how he overcame his struggles and instead turned them into a driving force for living life.

3. Aaron

Going against all stereotypes of being a tattoo artist, Aaron believes that not all tattoo artists are rude, loud, fierce or even gangster-ish. As a tattoo-less tattoo artist, Aaron will be sharing more about his art, life and what he thinks of the local tattoo scene in Singapore.

4. Nazri

As a national fencer and now mixed martial arts practitioner, Nazri will be sharing stories about lessons and insights learnt from his foray into combat sports. He emphasizes that one should not ignore training up one’s mental toughness while working on physical toughness.

5. See Ting

Choosing to embrace vulnerability, See Ting found the strength and courage to continue living her life. Come listen to her as she shares her journey of acceptance and openness after being diagnosed with alopecia areata — an autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s hair follicles.

6. Sherry

A former sex worker, Sherry is now a researcher and writer with Project X-Singapore, an organisation working to challenge the stigma and discrimination that leads to violence against sex workers.

She will be sharing her stories as a transgender woman, Muslim activist and from her various involvement in the communities that she is a part of.

As a member of the Singaporean community there are those around us that lead lives that we may consider to be different or even strange. What we hear and read on the media platforms feed our stereotyping inclination to that point that we don’t even realize it happening.

Take the first step and break the stereotypes by hearing the stories for yourself.

Do register here to be updated on the next run of the “Human Library” in Singapore!

Date & Time: 30 October 2016, 1pm – 6pm

Price: Free (event on 30 October is now fully subscribed)

Human Library Singapore: 113 Somerset Road, The Red Box, Singapore 238165 | Facebook

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