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Holey Moley Golf Club: Swing By This Mini-Golf Bar With Themed Courses In Clarke Quay

A lot of people may think of golf as a boring sport or an old man’s sport. Sometimes it also seems like indulging in a typical bowl of mala will make you perspire more than this sport ever will.

How can something like that be fun? That’s what I used to think until I made a trip down to Holey Moley Golf Club, Singapore’s first mini-golf cocktail bar located in Clarke Quay.

Instead of just traditional putt-putt, Holey Moley blends the classic game with a labyrinth of quirky themed holes based on certain gaming and television concepts.

What’s even better is that you get to enjoy a little cocktail and amazing tunes as you tee off – a far cry from the usual mundane green setting that we often see in golf.

For The Beginners

Greeted with an aesthetically-pleasing display of golfing equipment and the colourful facade of the entire place, I actually felt excited about golfing for the first time.

There are two golf courses on the ground level and one on the upper floor for you to explore. Each one has nine holes for you to putt as you immerse yourself in the different themes of each course.

For beginners, fret not, there are instructions at each station to guide you. If you require further assistance, the caddies will be around to help you. And yes, it may look relatively easy to putt, but don’t be fooled! It is more challenging than you think, but just have fun trying to get a hole-in-one.

You can pen down your scores on the scorecard provided and there will be a column showing the supposed strokes required. Your aim is to get the least amount of strokes to putt the ball in the hole and if you are seeking a challenge, limit it to six strokes just like an actual game of golf.

Pop Culture Inspiration

While taking turns with your kakis, marvel at the different set-ups with elements referenced from pop culture. You might even get to relive your childhood with designs inspired by shows like Flintstones and The Simpsons.

And of course, who can forget about the famous Pac-Man. Located on the first floor, it is one of the three courses situated in a dark room.

This room contains stations which are illuminated in the dark and it somehow triggers a sort of psychedelic effect. It might be a challenge to hit the ball at certain points but yes, it’s a chance to laugh at how silly your friends look.

The golf courses are planned with such unique concepts that you might just end up in awe of the stations instead of playing. Most of the golf courses are neon-lit and consist of fresh takes on iconic landmarks in the local scene as well.

Our renowned Marina Bay Sands even makes an appearance in one of the courses where Godzilla can be seen approaching it. Even Godzilla loves MBS.

The hawker culture of Singapore is also featured although you may scratch your head at the upside-down layout. Crane your neck and you’ll even be able to spot tables being “choped”!

Holey Moley is just so well-designed and it serves as a great spot for you to basically just go crazy with photos. There are plenty of spaces for you to pose at – just be sure not to block those playing.

If you’d rather actually play than spam photos, you can head up to the second level where another golf course awaits. There, you’ll find stations designed after the Game of Thrones TV series as well as everyone’s favourite alien, E.T.

Perfect For Hanging Out

The best thing about this place is that you do not have to dress like a golfer to play. Feel free to dress as glamorously as you like because after all, this place serves drinks for you to enjoy just like any other bar.

All equipment will also be provided – you can even put on visors if you want to, purely for the aesthetic look.

For those who’ve been wanting to try a shot at golf but haven’t had the opportunity to (or the skills), Holey Moley is a good starting place. It’s also the perfect spot to hang out at after surviving the daily grind.

Fusing fun and sports together, you might end up loving golf! Or you will anyway after a few drinks.

Prices: S$20 per person for nine holes, S$38 per person for 18 holes & S$50 per person for 27 holes

Opening Hours: (Mon) 12pm – 10pm, (Tues) 12pm – 1am, (Weds to Fri) 12pm – 2am, (Sat) 10am – 2am, (Sun) 10am – 10pm

Holey Moley Golf Club: 3B River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, Block B, #01-01, Singapore 179024 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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