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New Dumpling Air Purifier To Keep Your Dim-Sum Addiction As Steamy As Ever

If the dumpling lamp wasn’t enough, you can complete your dim-sum addiction with the new dumpling air purifier by Los Angeles brand, Smoko.

Not only will this be an adorable addition to your home, but it’s also a useful tool to trap airborne allergies (especially during the hazy and hungry ghost month).

In addition to the product specifically targeting pollen and dust, the dumpling air purifier comes with a special UV light that is effective for killing bacteria, viruses and mould.

Plus, the dumpling air purifier is portable because of its USB port, allowing you to plug it into any power socket for continuous on-the-go clean air!

Each white little dumpling purifier goes for US$30 (approximately S$47), or you can purchase a set for USD36 (approximately S$50) that comes with an additional ‘tan‘ coloured dumpling light.

Smoko has also teased an upcoming limited edition dumpling product that you’ll have to stay tuned for.

Little B Dumpling Air Purifier | Website

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