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Tokyo Disneyland Launches Duffy Bear Household Items – Available From 28 August 2019

There is no limit to the number of cute things you can have in your life.

Which is why you should all be on board with the new Duffy bear home series that Tokyo Disneyland is launching as part of their Fall 2019 collection.

Credit – Tokyo Disneyland

This Duffy night light, JPY 4800 (approximately S$62) will put all other teddy bears to shame. No longer will you need to hug a soft-toy to sleep, this night light will bathe your room in a soft, warm yellow light leaving you to comfortably drift off.

Credit – Tokyo Disneyland

Maybe you want to get your kids to help you out around the house more; even doing things as simple as dishing out the rice for the family. I bet this Duffy rice paddle, JPY1000 (approximately S$13) might help them be more enthusiastic about it!

I mean, if this fails to motivate them then I guess it could double up as a decor piece?

Credit – Tokyo Disneyland

Speaking of decor pieces, this Duffy print tablecloth, JPY 3800 (approximately S$50) can double-up as a sofa cover. The autumn leaves and various elements around the border just makes your whole environment that little bit homier.

Credit – Tokyo Disneyland

Finally, to complete the new home range, this Duffy chawanmushi set, JPY3000 (approximately S$39), comes with the bowl, chopsticks and chopstick rest and will be a necessary addition to your overflowing “I-need-all-these-plates-but-I-won’t-use-them” cupboard.

The entire collection will be available on the Tokyo Disneyland website from 28 August 2019.

Duffy Homeware Series | Website

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