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GE2020: Live Debates With PAP, PSP, WP, and SDP — Happening On 1 July

Switch on your TVs and live streams today (1 July 2020) because two live political debates—English and Mandarin—are going to be aired live on Channel 5 and Channel 8. This comes as a pleasant surprise, especially after this recap of the first and last PAP TV debates.

The one-hour debate is titled “Singapore Votes 2020 – The Political Debate” with two segments. In the first segment, the moderator poses questions to the candidates; while the second segment is an exciting and structured cross-questioning amongst candidates.

The four parties, with the largest contesting candidates, are invited for this live discussion: People’s Action Party (PAP), Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Workers’ Party (WP), and Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

Each party is invited to send one candidate for each debate and these are the known representatives from each party:


Credit – Progress Singapore Party

English Debate—Mr Francis Yuen
Mandarin Debate—Mr Leong Mun Wai


Credit – The Workers’ Party

English Debate—Mr Jamus Lim


Credit – Singapore Democratic Party

English Debate—Dr Chee Soon Juan
Mandarin Debate—Mr Bryan Lim Boon Heng

Watch English Debate: Channel 5 at 8 pm | CNA938 radio | meWatch | CNA website | CNA YouTube | CNA Facebook | CNA at 9 pm

Watch Mandarin Debate: Channel 8 at 9 pm | Capital 958 | meWatch |

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