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Pilot BeGreen x LOOMS Brings You The Best Of Eco-Friendly Stationery

Pilot pens bring me back to the good old days of the bookshop stand located in my primary school canteen. Young and wide-eyed, I would wonder which stationery I should get my hands on each day.

Fast forward to today, Pilot Pen Singapore—in efforts to give back to the environment—has collaborated with LOOMS, a locally based venture that makes sustainable products to bring you Pilot BeGreen x LOOMS Stationery Kit. This kit will feature a range of eco-friendly Pilot BeGreen writing instruments, along with an upcycled, post-consumer treated bubblewrap pouch.

Pilot has been producing eco-friendly stationery for a while now. This locally favourite brand first introduced their Pilot BeGreen range back in the 2000s, with its iconic Pilot B2P gel-based ink pen at the forefront of the collection. Retailing at S$16.60, this limited edition stationery kit contains the Pilot B2P, Pilot V Board Master Slim, Pilot Rexgrip, Pilot Acroball, Pilot Green Tecpoint, Pilot Spotliter VW, Pilot Twin Marker, and Pilot Polymer Leads.

With only 300 sets available island-wide, this kit is available at all Tokyu Hands outlands from 15 July 2020. If you’re a die-hard Pilot fan or just need to stock up on much-needed stationery, I suggest you head down to your nearest Tokyu Hands as soon as this kit drops.

Price: S$16.60
Date: 15 July 2020 

Where: Tokyu Hands Outlets 

Pilot Pen | Website | Facebook | Instagram
LOOMS | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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