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| On 1 year ago

Gardens By The Bay: One Of Singapore’s Top Attractions To Learn About Nature

As a Singaporean, I used to say no to a visit to Gardens By The Bay, believing that it is an overhyped tourist attraction made to juice your cash. After much persuasion, I finally decided to head there without any expectations. That belief soon changed and now I believe that Gardens By The Bay is indeed a must visit in Singapore. Here’s why.

Stepping into the flower dome conservatory for the first time, it blew me away. No kidding. It looks absolutely spectacular and out of this world. I can safely say that you will be floored by the beauty of it and you will just be in awe with every step. What’s even better is that it takes you away from the blistering heat, courtesy of the controlled climate.

The Flower Dome – Home to Exotic Plants

Using precise climate control to replicate the cool and dry seasons, the conservatory dome showcases exotic plants which are displayed in nine different Gardens. Within are elevated walkways to observe the gardens.

The Flower Dome conservatory showcases a massive amount of plants varieties from different regions of the world all possible due to the elaborate climate controls within. The permanent exhibits are complemented by alternating displays in the Flower Field to showcase the different seasons as well.

Awake the botanist within as you observe different species of plants up close. Plants such as large cacti which are commonly not found in tropical Singapore can be found too.

Walking The Sky Gardens

The Cloud Forest replicates a tropical highland experience 2,000m above sea level.

With an abundance of vegetation surrounding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, it adds to the already magical vibe. View a mini-exhibit within and learn more about blooming orchids while taking in the sights.

After walking through the first level and enjoying the scenic landscape of flowers, the tour at the top begins with the Lost World exhibit where plants are typically found 2,000m above sea level. It is indeed an immersive dream-like experience.

Next up is Cloud Walk platform. It is an amazing 35m spectacle walking on the high platforms to explore the installations below. The view is exquisite from the top and the entire platform itself is an aesthetic beauty on its own. Drop dead gorgeous. The platform is an Instagram dream as it rounds the enclosure.

The Tree Top Walk is on the lower platform and is slightly longer than the Cloud Walk. As I walked along the platform, I just can’t stop looking at the amazing sights that surround me.

Once you make your way through the platforms, you’ll reach a lower level containing more exhibits and a short interactive film portraying the effects of climate change. This short film is a great way to remind us of the importance of preserving the beautiful environment seen from the different walks.

While making my way to the exit, there was a last glimpse of misty beauty while passing by the Secret Garden. This is where you can get to look up at the mountain and Cloud Walk path as well as see more rare species of vegetation.

The aesthetics of this the Flower Dome is amazing as you can get to overlook the first floor with the array of plants surrounding you. I would probably appreciate this more if I knew more about flowers and plants but truth be told, they look really great.

Flower Dome Prices: S$12 for Singaporean Adults, S$8 for Seniors/Child. (One conservatory)

S$20 for Singaporean Adults, S$15 for Singaporean Senior S$12 for Singaporean Child (Two conservatories)

S$28 for Non-Singaporean Adults, S$15 for Non-Singaporean Child (Two Conservatories)

Futuristic Walk In The Park – Supertree Grove

The most common portrayal of Gardens By The Bay in the media is The Supertree Grove, which is probably the most iconic landmark here. It really seems like a scene out of the movies with these futuristic man-made trees surrounding the place. Fun fact: several of the Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions such as solar panels.

The OCBC Skywalk links two supertrees with a suspended walkway 22m high above. Get to enjoy the nice scenic views overlooking Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands.

Credit – Gardens By The Bay

Another magnificent sight is when dusk falls and the Supertrees light up for a magnificent sight.

You can catch a glimpse of the Toy Story 4 Carnival as well from the top, for more details you can head here.

Skywalk Prices: S$8 for Adults, S$5 for Seniors/Child.

Art, Flowers and Technology

Floral Fantasy is a brand new attraction at Gardens By The Bay which combines elements of technology, art and the beauty of flowers.

The fantasy world reminds me of Alice In Wonderland especially with the whimsical background music playing as I wandered around the attraction. Flower seats are also available for the inevitable selfie.

Another corner of Floral fantasy exists a place of tranquillity as the gentle water display accompanies your every move. There is even a Poisonous Frogs exhibit here as you make your way in further. Try to spot the frogs if you can, fret not, they are enclosed in a glass display to keep you safe.

For thrill-seekers, you can try the 4D Ride that is available in this attraction as well. Though the waiting time can be a little long as it is new, I’m certain that you will have no regrets trying it.

Floral Fantasy Price: S$12 for Singaporean Adults, S$8 for Seniors/Child. S$20 for Non-Singaporean Adults, S$12 for Non-Singaporean Child

Worth The Visit

As I stepped out after exploring Gardens By The Bay, I had a new perception now which differs greatly from what I thought. The installations, natural greenery and art sculptures all harmoniously co-exist to make Gardens By The Bay a sight to behold.

I urge you to visit Gardens By The Bay if you have not. The aesthetic pleasures are definitely worth the money and the experience you get is next-level. No wonder it remains one of Singapore’s hottest attractions even after all these years.

Opening Hours for Attractions: 9am to 9pm daily

Opening Hours for Garden: 9am to 2am daily

Prices: S$28 for all access  | S$23 via Klook

Gardens By The Bay: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | +65 6420 6848

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