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| On 1 year ago

Chomp On Falling Fried Chicken & Dim Sum In These New Instagram AR Games

We all know about the Flying Face game on Instagram that everyone has been playing, but do you know that you can also chow down on falling fried chicken or dim sum with these new Instagram filters?

Instagram user Antony Tran @anstatran has created two Instagram AR filter games, Chicken Chomp and Dimsum Chomp, which gives you the opportunity to catch fried chicken and dim sum treats virtually while they drop.

Upon selecting the filter, depending on which game is chosen, fried chicken or dim sum treats will begin falling from the top of the screen and a counter will appear over your head. There will also be either three buckets of chicken or three dim sum treats at the side of the screen which represents your game “lives”.

You will then have to catch the falling food by opening your mouth to “eat” them. Missing will cause you to lose a life, and the game ends when you have lost all three lives. It’s not as easy as you think- the foods begin falling at faster speeds as your score progresses. Another fun feature is that with every treat you catch, your face in the screen will turn fatter– whoever said eating virtual food wouldn’t make you gain weight.

Unlike the Flying Face game, don’t bother trying to cheat and using your fingers to simulate movement instead of your mouth to catch the food- it doesn’t work. Believe me. It was one of the first few things I tried.

When the game is over, the AR filter records your score for bragging rights. A replay button will appear over your head, which allows you to play the game again.

How To Get Chicken Chomp & Dim Sum Chomp On Instagram

To get access to both of these fun Instagram filter games, as well as Antony’s other works, you have to be following him on Instagram first, just like any other user-created filter.

Antony has also created many other Instagram AR game filters, such as the Don’t Laugh Challenge which distorts your face in AR for about 10 seconds, and you have to try not to laugh at yourself.

There is also Pimple Pop, a filter that causes pimples to appear on your face which you can then pop with your fingers. There are also more works in progress, such as a 2048 game which we can expect to see soon.

Instagram Chicken Chomp & Dim Sum Chomp: Follow @anstatran

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