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From Fear to Film: First COVID-19 Movie — Trailer Available Now

The pandemic is not over, likewise, fear is lingering and it’s evolving. However, amidst the hysteria, the Vancouver-based director—Mostafa Keshvari—is making a film after the coronavirus outbreak. Also, there’s no surprise to the name of the new thriller film—Corona.

The film is set against the backdrop of six neighbours in an elevator and the seventh is a Chinese lady who is new to the building. The climax begins when the elevator breaks down and the group of people are trapped in the lift together. The Chinese woman coughs and the six others suspect her of having the virus with varied responses. Beyond the excitement, the movie aims to bring across the underlying idea of fear, racism, and moral choices.

Interestingly, the 63-minute long film was shot using a handheld camera and impressively done in a single take on its 70-odd shot.

The movie currently does not have a release date nor held with any distributor or streaming provider yet. So channel your excitement by watching the trailer below:

As for me, I will patiently wait for the movie to be available on Netflix to view it!

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